Talking about Not Done Yet! | Green Idol



Not Done Yet! | Green Idol
As soon as the socalled leades will be for real, they can demand and support the better/green ways, solutions, developments, products and thus the system of ecology, instead off moneypower.What we can do, is help them and ourselves/health, earthfuture, in refucing double packed products, package around fresh food, such as fruit and so on, demand every time come into the store, supermarket for biologic dynamic products, milk, eggs, vegetabels, chees, meat, all is possible, at first, it looks impossible, but, my experience is already here, because in the Netherlands the big supermarkets are selling most off the products i mentioned, 3 years ago a little shelf, now, many shelves and they are the first products, which are sold out, maybe u spend more money, but ut body will be thankfull, as well as earth, believe it, u can start this up.


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