Talking about Facebook | Marjolein Soederhuizen



Facebook | Marjolein Soederhuizen
We forgot our place in the circle off life, we seperated ourselves from nature, what we have to do, is connect again, why do we choose for anything, where do u want to be, actually, what do u see in the mirror?, believe in urself, if anyone is worth it, it is u, connect…, with u, nature and so earth, lets heal ourselves, and start to heal earth, everyone knows, what, how and where we can do that, the worse thing is, that we don’t recognize, that we are seperated, this is what i wish for us all, to re-connect, see/know ur place and be proud and happy, for what u will do and have done, for u, for us, our nature and thus mother earth. By:Marjolein Soederhuizen


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