Talking about Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: How Can I Avoid Genetically Modified Foods?



dear Kathy, thank u, (what a beautifull picture off u), now about the kangarous, actually, it seems more a food then animal problem, like japanese and chinese eat dogs, i dont agree anyway, so, thanks….i would never eat dogs, cats, horses or kangarous, but maybe one cannot judge it all properly, i just wanted u to know this too..

AND i will sent this answer to my friends, i hope they will maybe see the need to help out!!!!!!

i wanted to ask u this, i am trying to promote my group, to get more members, to make them sign as well, the petitions i created in this group, tell me, would it help if other groups/ppl would get this message, or how do i do it, i really have no clue to get more attention, i am just a ver little ppl, with no known great deeds, or celebrety, pffft, hope u will understand my english, see below>> and tell me what u think off this, maybe even forward it, or is it to stupid?, how can one care, if nobody listens?

>>I became a member off this care2group, and i care, believe me, i am on care2, facebook and windows live, to promote positif thinking, awareness and all kinds off missuse, off ppl, nature earth and so on, i do that because i know, if we would be aware off the outcome, we would have not let it come this far. my english may not be that good at all, sorry, but i am dutch by native and this is what i wanted to propose, look for my groupl, i created 2 petitions, anti goose cruelty and anti shell-behavior in nigeria, if u want to share this information, i would be very glad, thank u for reading and become a member, dont forget to sign, proud to be amongst u all, caretakers! hugs u all, marjolein  and also this is very important, check it out.

Jennifer Grayson: Eco Etiquette: How Can I Avoid Genetically Modified Foods?


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