Wat betreft YouTube – DOLPHIN DREAM ~Tom Barabas ~ Romantic Rhapsodies


Citaat just lean back and relax with this beautifull video

YouTube – DOLPHIN DREAM ~Tom Barabas ~ Romantic Rhapsodies

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Talking about SC Johnson Will Disclose Chemical Ingredients – Care2 News Network


Quote for any cleaningproduct, ok as soon i have my website in english i will try to get more attention for this all, i grounded a foundation 20 years ago, as a civilian, i work for my money, this is, because i got interested and then could not just let it go.heheh

SC Johnson Will Disclose Chemical Ingredients – Care2 News Network

Wat betreft POVERTY IS BIG BUSINESS………… | Gather





 If u want to act somehow, please sign this petition, poverty.com will show u why, check it out and be someone against the poorness in this world, while actually it is not nessairy, its in the system, not the way it has to be……….please spread the url, to get more signatures, i will take care with the adresses in poverty.com to make suretyhe right countries will get the signatures and so show the world that promises are to be kept, sure if the promisies come from adult goverments, mind me, if children lie like that, they would be punished.