Wat betreft End Dolphin Slaughter in Japan – The Petition Site

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Talking about Last Lakota code talker Clarence Wolf Guts dies at 86


Quote So good to share this and thenk u for this humanly and strong story, they have been killed and left wirthout respect, still usa does not really care enough for all the damage which was ever done…………one off the reasons usa will not be respected by me.

Last Lakota code talker Clarence Wolf Guts dies at 86

Wat betreft YouTube – Susan Shaw: The oil spill’s toxic trade-off


Citaat Its our choice we live like this, its never to late,  money is the main error, power comes after that, beware and get aware off what u buy, act on or say, i think its time to get straith/straight? to ourselves and eachother, we dont have to be the same, just in balans and…IMAGINE…U MAY SAY I AM A DREAMER, BUT I AM NO THE ONLY ONE, live ur life now, but make something out off it…its worth it and u will be able to look in ur children eyes, whats more also in the mirror.

YouTube – Susan Shaw: The oil spill’s toxic trade-off

Wat betreft HIER Klimaatcampagne – Is klimaatverandering het nieuwe taboe?


Citaat Pakistan is floaded, China has trouble with their workers, they want more, Russia is burning, grain will not be exported anymore this year, Half off europe is under water, Usa has 17.000 million kids who are hungry and not well enough educared, whichis 1 out of 4, A huge iceblock seperated from Greenland, all over the world ppl are dieing from hunger and desease, aids is high in any poor country and no church is helping them, priests are abusing kids, animals and nature are moaning because we want to eat them, punish tehm, capture and show them, use them for our own benefit…………whats next and money is going down, i wish, i so wish, money would be worth nothing, but only the skill, courage, helping hands,    constructional hands and minds………………make it work, lets all go down and revive as phoenix…….to become real human and work for a positif earth, health and us, we, mankind

HIER Klimaatcampagne – Is klimaatverandering het nieuwe taboe?