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Wat betreft Pope named as defendant in Catholic sex abuse probe | Mail Online

The Pope has been named as a defendant for the first time in a lawsuit over the child abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic church.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as he was known then, is said to have failed to take action against an American priest who molested up to 200 boys at a deaf school.

Father Lawrence C Murphy abused the children in their dormitory beds in Wisconsin where he worked between 1950 and 1974.

The lawsuit has been brought by deaf abuse victim Terry Kohut, who claims the Pope failed to take action against an American priest who molested up to 200 boys at his school

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Did u notice the disasters are growing in number and quantum, how many more then last year, how much pain and deaths, hunger and ppl without homes or drinkwater, i ts really happening, there is nothing like a natural disaster to remind humans how little coFortunately, too, there is nothing like an environmental catastrophe to bring people together and show the positive power of human collaboration in the face of adversity. Grouped into the four ancient elemental categories of land, water, fire and sky here are thirty of the most devastating disasters in recent human history. Dont dispair, only from the bottom we are able to build up a better world, thus earth, keep ur good faith in what u do, stay open to good vibrations and stay tuned with ur own goals, if they add to a better life, for u, earth and nature…just be honest and dont fall back, there is no more u can do, or have to do, positif and straith, that will help us with our first steps towards a real human and better world. A PART OFF THIS STORY HAS BEEN COPIED.marjolein

Action Center – Organic Consumers Association

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Citaat DO U KNOW that bees have not one virus, but many, also fungus and so many other deseases at the same time. Overal they get so sick, they have memoryloss and their inside looks like that off a severe aids-sufferer, their immumesystem is gone and this all because numerous pesticide poisend their fragile bodies and caused the aids-like illnesses. What the USA does is import bees from Australia, but that does not help enough and actually only makes more problems as more bees get ill and seem to lose their life due to damaging the fields they get their food. So now the only thing we can do is protest, write, create petitions and make this aware to all and everybody in the world, because if bees are gone, nature will suffer and dissapear, earth will turn into a stonelike dry and unliveble surroundings. If any off u have a suggestions, so do and make it so, our earth needs us in this, we cannot take it anymore, we have to protest strongly, at any cost, in every way, for all, this is not the only problem, due to pesticides but it is the most important reason to stop the use off any pesticide, even if this means, we will not have acces to all we are used to, even when we have to reduce our demands for variaty in all kinds of food, actually we should go back to grandmothers time and eat less, eat more of the same, only what would grow naturelike, with seasons and so on. Well, it took me, this tv-programm, i was stunned and felt like a bit off me died, what are we doing, why is this not in a solvingstate, when this is already known since 10 years or even more, maybe we dont deserve to live, but nature should not be the victum because of that, so again, please forward this, act and tell me, how can i participate in the healing off natue according to the bee-population….. excuses for my english, i am dutch by native. Marjolein Soederhuizen

BEES the motor of nature are dieing – Care2 News Network