Wat betreft Action Center – Organic Consumers Association



Did u notice the disasters are growing in number and quantum, how many more then last year, how much pain and deaths, hunger and ppl without homes or drinkwater, i ts really happening, there is nothing like a natural disaster to remind humans how little coFortunately, too, there is nothing like an environmental catastrophe to bring people together and show the positive power of human collaboration in the face of adversity. Grouped into the four ancient elemental categories of land, water, fire and sky here are thirty of the most devastating disasters in recent human history. Dont dispair, only from the bottom we are able to build up a better world, thus earth, keep ur good faith in what u do, stay open to good vibrations and stay tuned with ur own goals, if they add to a better life, for u, earth and nature…just be honest and dont fall back, there is no more u can do, or have to do, positif and straith, that will help us with our first steps towards a real human and better world. A PART OFF THIS STORY HAS BEEN COPIED.marjolein

Action Center – Organic Consumers Association


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