18.000.000 bikes for 16.000.000 people the Netherlands

This is actually very peculiar (hope i wrote that ok) because also many cars drive around here in Holland, but most ppl own a bike and even some have more bikes, a terrainbike, a racebike and so on, its one of the transports we use the most, more even, if u live in a town like Utrecht, Amsterdam or any city with more than 120.000 inhabitants its better to go by bike, as a car takes longer to go to ur destination, a bike is  much cheaper and much more healthier, ppl get much older here in Holland, i am 60 and have no car except for a camper which we don’t use in Amsterdam where i live, so i will use my bike till its impossible, due to fear of traffic, or body inconvenience?, which will happen once but not for long time when i keep on biking almost every day.

If u look near the universities, train stations its ridiculous the number of bikes standing there, tourists are baffled when they walk along them and can not imagine the amount of bikes they see.

Offcourse the biker is free, or rather said if u drive a car in for instance Amsterdam, be aware the biker takes it all, ur space on the road, always they go first and many ppl even don’t stop for the red light, which is not allowed, but hey, if possible u go, because otherwise u lose time, energy and sometimes even its less dangerous, but i would never advise anybody to do it, unless u are a biker in a big town and know what u do and always be aware u could been seen by the police and then a ticket/fine? to pay.

When u are about 2 years the biking starts, some with a tricycle?, some at once with a tiny bike, generations learning makes it easy for a child to learn, also parents are very carefull in learning their kids how to ride a bike, so not many accidents due to learning happen.

Well i could go on for hours writing about bikes, how ppl pimp their bike, why ppl nurse their bike like a child, or even use it as trainer for their health all day, but the only thing i would add is, when u bike u are aware, smart and more healthy, normally one goes about 30 km an hour, but when u are young u easy go up to 35 or 40 km an hour.

At least i want to say, sorry for the english, i tried my best, the ? behind words mean: i don’t know if it is right written or the right word……:) Marjolein


Pimped bike, many ppl do that, with paint, plastic or like this.


Human or Mutant, read and sign the petition.


pigs have no space and no life

pigs have no space and no life

Human or Mutant, read and sign the petition. <<click here

Lack of space and the artificial group structure imposed on intensively confined pigs can negatively influence social interactions. When pigs are sorted into new groups, fighting sometimes occurs, and although serious injuries or death are rare, they can result, especially when one pig is singled out by multiple aggressors.41 When space is limited, submissive and flight reactions may be less effective in the establishment of social dominance. In contrast, when given ample room, herds usually distance themselves, simply avoiding situations that would lead to aggression and thereby minimizing the frequency of antagonistic interactions.

Although animals in any type of production system can suffer from health problems, the dense population of closely confined animals in industrial operations facilitates the transmission of disease.For pigs in the fattening stage of production, respiratory and enteric diseases are common infectious disorders.

In fact, one veterinary text book notes that “under commercial conditions few pigs can be expected to reach slaughter weight without contracting some sort of respiratory lesion.” In contrast, another popular textbook notes that for pigs in their wild state, “diseases and parasites were almost unknown” due to the “roving nature” of naturally occurring pig populations. <I did not write this, but i think its major important to spread the news, if we dont humanize our behavior according how to optain our food, in meat, but also the polluting systems of growing vegetabels and fruit, with all the chemicals and gen-technics, we will become mutants, without any honor or goal for us and earth.

Is life a bitch, or are we the bitches on earth?


Allthough we are able to watch the telly, maybe not all of u or u dont want to see any of it, which is perfectly understandeble, its amazing what happens all around us and we dont know any of it, mind me, i see enough and mostly i am not really happy with it, but the more i know, the more i am able to act upon or do something about it, if i choose for it.

What i see and i cannot do anything about it, makes me more sad, the powerless feeling is not good for a person, but…it happens anyway.

I saw how the dutch are doing buisseness in the whole world, with or around their knowledge of water and how tho manage that.

I saw lots of accidents all over world today, with airoplanes, cars, hurricanes and so on, murder killing, powerplay, cruel and bad behavior from ppl to nature, but also nature to ppl, how dogs are captured in Vietnam and put in cages together as if they were sacks of cotton, how the bordercontrole catches the men who do that, how these animals go to a shelter and will not be eaten, by chinese ppl, to celebrate their newyear, knowing many of the dogs already are gone over that same border to be eaten, how the dutch take care for the babyseals who got lost in sea by their mothers, even zoo’s and animalhospitals are voluntering to be sure enough food and care will be given, makes one feel good, but not all in the netherlands is good helas, our goverment is going crazy and made nummerous laws to get more money and to reduce, education, culture, healthcare and so on……

How does one (i) manage?

Well some days i do and other days its impossible to really enjoy or even feel content, also personal problems add to this offcourse.

I know that if u dont worry its halfway feeling content, but mostly i am not able to do that, 60 years and actually tired of it all, but also eager to go on and mostly uncomfertable with living, yet,  if i would close my eyes, maybe i wouldnt even think these thaughts, but i wont and cannot close my eyes, like i said before above, i want to know, so i will be able to do something of the many things ppl can do.

How is it that the way u are able to look at life, earth, nature, ppl and so on is either optimistic or pessitmistic, or at least downway…….

Why can’t i close and open (my eyes) when i want too, or at least be optimistic most of the time, because then i would be a robot, no feelings, no experience to learn from, no thaughts, no life.

So the conclusion for me at this moment, nice/good if i am able to look over the horizon and see the sun, but realistic and sometimes sad when i see clouds, getting darker and rain coming my way…….. that is how it is.. life is an learningproces, older and wiser maybe, most important is, keep ur candle burning, so u will be able to warm ur heart now and then, for urself, u derserve that and need it, this way u are able to continue, to go for it, to be on ur way, make it happen, to heal a bit, to cure, to save, to be the hero for one day, to feel compassion and so a way to live with urself and this awfull, yet beautifull world/earth.

Path from out the car taken (picture)

Each has his/her own path in life.Picture taken by me from our camper in the Netherlands

Bees, wasps and pesticide amongst other chemicals, all about it!!


Check this out, maybe this knowledge will make u aware of the serious situation and demand food and drinks without pesticde, i am very concerned about the bees, the results at this monet and in ten years, if this goes on, flowers or most vegetables will not be avaible anymore, everybody will be able to act and so do something accotrding to this killing through the use of pesticde, also u are able to check out if ur country did dign up, for registration about their use of chemicals in nature!share this please!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


Don’t Worry, Be Happy!.

Be happy. Don’t worry. Have no fear. We, the people who are being dragged out to sea, have found refuge on innumerable islands across the country and around the world, steadily making our way to the higher ground of human kindness. There we rest and rejuvenate our activism and take solace in our solidarity. Winter is a time for reflection, reassessment, planning and organizing. It is a time to recuperate and regroup so that come the spring, we will make our voices heard louder than ever and our numbers will swell as never before. It is a time to coordinate worldwide expressions of outrage that any person on this earth must suffer because a tiny fraction of the population deems itself to be more important than those upon whose backs their lifestyles of comfortable opulence is made possible.< quote

I try so hard not to worry, it has no use, knowing that makes even more desireble to be at ease, but its not easy, its so difficult, i always think to myself, u are to senseble to worry, if u would be 80 years, u would not worry about this or that…….so look at it that way…….. everything passes in the end, it goes by, sometimes u win sometimes u loose……….thats life but DONT WORRY BE HAPPY, its far more healthy and enjoyeble too:)

Marriage same sex still a diffivult option in the USA.

This article is a quote from the url i include, its strange how this comes and goes, the law for same sex marriage, if u see how in the netherlands its common to marry no m,atter what sex u are, even the ppl who are the ceremonyleaders have to agree, if u dont want to marrying same sex ppl then u are not allowed anymore to even be present as such in any marriage, some ppl are from a certain church and they protested to go against their own believe….well now they are out off the function to marry ppl at all…….. the big USA still is quarreling about same sex marriage, as they did 10 years ago and before, i remember in the  70ties it all was lot more loose,  in the USA, the 60-70 years the hippies could florish…and yes i am a hippie still……

lovely girls in love

lovely girls in love

I want to apologize my english, i am dutch, in school we learned 4 languages, well in the 60-70…..:)

QUOTE: Today I stand before you as governor of the state of Washington. And as a wife, a mother, a student of the law, and as a Washingtonian with a lifelong commitment to equality and freedom.

Today, I’m announcing my support for a law that gives same-sex couples in our state the right to receive a marriage license in Washington – the same right given heterosexual couples.

It is time, it is the right thing to do, and I will introduce a bill to do it.

Once again, the call for equality is sweeping through our nation – and this time it’s for our Gay and Lesbian citizens.

Make no mistake, America has been here many times before.

In our long, hard road for equality, history shows we have faltered, but we have always fought hard when it comes to protections against discrimination.

read the rest via this url, if u want:)



War and all the facts, see this WORLD WIDE HIPPIES article.

WOW, THESE ARE WISE WORDS, all my friends from the USA, please read and see, this might help to go for a real goal instead of war/defense…., no hunger, everbody a roof and clean water, food, actually a part of rthe original HUMAN RIGHTS proclaim…….:)>>


When a flu virus is made deadlier…Scientists debate whether research should be published — or be done at all!

Revolutionizing Awareness


When a flu virus is made deadlier

Scientists debate whether research should be published — or be done at all


The New York Times

Appeared in print: Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011, page A1

The young scientist, normally calm and measured, seemed edgy when he stopped by his boss’s office.

“You are not going to believe this one,” he told Ron Fouchier, a virologist at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Holland. “I think we have an airborne H5N1 virus.”

The news, delivered one afternoon last July, was chilling. It meant that Fouchier’s research group had taken one of the most dangerous flu viruses ever known and made it even more dangerous — by tweaking it genetically to make it more contagious.

What shocked the researchers was how easy it had been, Fouchier said. Just a few mutations were all it…

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FUKUSHIMA: Public health Fallout from Japanese Quake “Culture of cover-up” and inadequate cleanup. Japanese people exposed to “unconscionable” health risks

Revolutionizing Awareness


by Canadian Medical Association Journal

Global Research, December 30, 2011

Canadian Medical Association Journal – 2011-12-21

A “culture of cover-up” and inadequate cleanup efforts have combined to leave Japanese people exposed to “unconscionable” health risks nine months after last year’s meltdown of nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi power plant, health experts say.

Although the Japanese government has declared the plant virtually stable, some experts are calling for evacuation of people from a wider area, which they say is contaminated with radioactive fallout.

They’re also calling for the Japanese government to reinstate internationally-approved radiation exposure limits for members of the public and are slagging government officials for “extreme lack of transparent, timely and comprehensive communication.”

But temperatures inside the Fukushima power station’s three melted cores have achieved a “cold shutdown condition,” while the release of radioactive materials is “under control,” according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (

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