Evolution Rap – Surviving Urban Life

Thank u for this, making aware, providing knowledge is the best to change the world and even get ppl the right choice.

Science rEvolution

Evolution – love it or hate it.But whether you believe Darwin or can’t stand him, one thing is sure. Survival odds are not the same for all of us humans. Not even close.

How long a person lives depends on health. Survival is tied to environment too. Not just the air, water, ground and food – but the apartments, streets and cities. What “healthcare” means changes based on some things. Where you live is a big one.

First, let’s get the jargon “healthcare disparities” out of the way. It’s inequality. It’s about some of us being sicker. And some of us dying younger. It’s unfair. Even if you don’t have a chronic disease, chances are someone you love probably does. Even if the jagged edges of way-too-expensive healthcare haven’t cut you yet, they have certainly brushed someone you know.

Rapper Baba Brinkman breaks it down in this video at TEDx.

The IOM (Institute of Medicine) has…

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    You have a rather nice place here…very thought-provoking content…keeps the mind busy, eh? Thank you for sharing.

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