Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


Don’t Worry, Be Happy!.

Be happy. Don’t worry. Have no fear. We, the people who are being dragged out to sea, have found refuge on innumerable islands across the country and around the world, steadily making our way to the higher ground of human kindness. There we rest and rejuvenate our activism and take solace in our solidarity. Winter is a time for reflection, reassessment, planning and organizing. It is a time to recuperate and regroup so that come the spring, we will make our voices heard louder than ever and our numbers will swell as never before. It is a time to coordinate worldwide expressions of outrage that any person on this earth must suffer because a tiny fraction of the population deems itself to be more important than those upon whose backs their lifestyles of comfortable opulence is made possible.< quote

I try so hard not to worry, it has no use, knowing that makes even more desireble to be at ease, but its not easy, its so difficult, i always think to myself, u are to senseble to worry, if u would be 80 years, u would not worry about this or that…….so look at it that way…….. everything passes in the end, it goes by, sometimes u win sometimes u loose……….thats life but DONT WORRY BE HAPPY, its far more healthy and enjoyeble too:)


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