Baron wasp.


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  1. Sunday January 15, 2012, 12:21 pm
    BEES ARE DYING due to neonicotinoids (neonics for short), one in particular called clothianidin. I read an Alternet article just last night on this, and immediately emailed Senator Bingaman and President Obama, yet AGAIN on this horror! QUOTE: “In the industry we believe pesticides play an important role in what’s going on,” said Dave Hackenberg, co-chair of the NHBAB and a beekeeper in Pennsylvania.

    Of particular concern is a group of pesticides, chemically similar to nicotine, called neonicotinoids (neonics for short), and one in particular called clothianidin. Instead of being sprayed, neonics are used to treat seeds, so that they’re absorbed by the plant’s vascular system, and then end up attacking the central nervous systems of bees that come to collect pollen. Virtually all of today’s genetically engineered Bt corn is treated with neonics. The chemical industry alleges that bees don’t like to collect corn pollen, but new research shows that not only do bees indeed forage in corn, but they also have multiple other routes of exposure to neonics.
    So obviously something must be done. It’s one thing for the fossil fuel industry to get in the way of doing something about a problem as lacking in immediate impact as climate change. It’s quite another when the problem has not only immediate urgency, but immediate impact that people can easily get their heads around.” ‘ by David Atkins Alternet via Hullabaloo This is one of the comments beneath the newstory in Care2, it makes me feel more human when i see ppl share and care……that way life is/feels/seems easier……

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