Human or Mutant, read and sign the petition.


pigs have no space and no life

pigs have no space and no life

Human or Mutant, read and sign the petition. <<click here

Lack of space and the artificial group structure imposed on intensively confined pigs can negatively influence social interactions. When pigs are sorted into new groups, fighting sometimes occurs, and although serious injuries or death are rare, they can result, especially when one pig is singled out by multiple aggressors.41 When space is limited, submissive and flight reactions may be less effective in the establishment of social dominance. In contrast, when given ample room, herds usually distance themselves, simply avoiding situations that would lead to aggression and thereby minimizing the frequency of antagonistic interactions.

Although animals in any type of production system can suffer from health problems, the dense population of closely confined animals in industrial operations facilitates the transmission of disease.For pigs in the fattening stage of production, respiratory and enteric diseases are common infectious disorders.

In fact, one veterinary text book notes that “under commercial conditions few pigs can be expected to reach slaughter weight without contracting some sort of respiratory lesion.” In contrast, another popular textbook notes that for pigs in their wild state, “diseases and parasites were almost unknown” due to the “roving nature” of naturally occurring pig populations. <I did not write this, but i think its major important to spread the news, if we dont humanize our behavior according how to optain our food, in meat, but also the polluting systems of growing vegetabels and fruit, with all the chemicals and gen-technics, we will become mutants, without any honor or goal for us and earth.


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