UNICEF – Chad – Hunger season comes early for Chad’s most vulnerable

UNICEF – Chad – Hunger season comes early for Chad’s most vulnerable.

This is what makes me feel bad, it is known hunger is not an issue actualy, it does not have to be, why are we not organized enough to take care for all, where is money more important then humans…………… and ofcourse i could look the other way, or do something about it, well, maybe if more ppl would care and act something would happen, that goes for all we should like better then it is now, so who is the first to really do something about this.

Well this moment the crisis is important, but only because everybody is making the moneydance……….anyway, there are organisations trying to do something about this hunger tread, better would be an consisting different behavior towards all foodsystems, moneysystems and how we share all what grows on earth, i know, i know, easy to say………..


Life as it is………………

Life…….not asked for it, even been death once and came back, never asked for that too, somehow i am depressed, humans are not really to be proud about, nature is vanishing and earth is severe ill, we did that, but also nature itself, whats the purpose of it all.

When i wake up, i dont want to get out of bed, but i dont want to go to bed either.

Most of the time i feel ok, but not really good, since december last year i feel better, my fire came back, i live more from day-to-day, its a bless. I am  fighter, i care for many things, issues, items, could not be another way and even dont want it too.So my life is heavy at times, but very ok.

I remember the first time i ever traveled something happens with me, i felt great, exited, so i am a nomad, a gypsy because whenever i travel the first thing i do is searching for a place to sleep, somewhere in the streets, under a bridge, behind a door in an empty building, anywhere, not that i need that, we have a camper and before always a sleeping place, so it is something 0ut of my last life.

I still feel the incredible feeling i had when we were asleep somewhere in Charleroi the south of Belgium, we found this place in deep dark nite, because no one would give us a hitch? more southwards, as we were on our way to Morocco, so we had to stay and sleep and try it again the next day.

We entered the empty building, walked through it and rolled out our sleeping bags, when we woke up we were next to an hole of about 4 to 4 meters and even more deep, there were more square holes in that floor and it seemed we were so lucky to have chosen the right spot, one meter to the west, north south or east and we would have fallen in the holes, it was an empty milkfactory…….but the feeling, that was wonderful, like u have been led by angels, god personally took care of us, thats how it felt, tremendous happy, i never felt that again, except for the 2 sons i gave birth.

So why feel so depressed most of the time, i cannot look away, i cannot ignore, i cannot live knowing we humans kill, torture, suppress others, animals, nature.

Its always been like that, the issue is, how is one able to live with this all, the knowing, why is one day positive and the other not, one thing i know for sure, i am glad, i am not one of those ppl who dont see it, who ignore, who look the other way…….

Soo maybe thats the turning point for me at this moment, its strange though and does not feel like a complete fulfillment, i dont have to be happy, but more content, thats all.

I know most is between ur ears, how u feel, look at things or go about, getting older is getting wiser, at least it is for me, that makes me more content, somehow maybe it will be possible, to be less down and more positif, dont u think too?

My english is not good, the words with? behind them are doubtfull, i hope u will find the meaning, so u understand it anyway.:)


Moralety or Ethics, Fun and Sarcasm, the difference is not clear for all.

I cannot face it to go to work.

I cannot face it to go to work.

First i have to say, this is not personal, at my work mostly its ok, allthough some ppl should read this, but most of my colleges are a pack of good guys/girls:)

If something is funny cannot be judged, unless what has being said is harmfull, verbal violence and or sarcasm, cynism, which is actually a lack of compassion/empathy(hope this is rightly spelled).

Why are ppl, like so many at work busy with making themselves grow on pushing others down, if they are loud, many colleges laugh to weak to go against it.

I never understood the sarcastic and cynic ones dont seem to see or understand aend they are not popular but merely leader of the bad pack, while most of the pack are only to weak to take? distance of this negatif behavior.

So my conclusion is, the loud ones sound hollow, the pack is to weak and the others are the real ppl, the real colleges and hopefully able to keep the balans to positif vibes at work.

Why need ppl to hear themselves, why dont they put this energy in becoming a better person, are they blind, dont they know what a better person is, i doubt that, maybe raising is one of the  influences, or and meeting someone who likes to make jokes by using a weak point of someone else and then get used to this and start to do it too, which is even/proberly the only choice if u want to stay with that partner.

The question stays, why are we not able to make this person become an ile and so make him/her behave different to gain respect and companion, at work often the atmosphere is horrible negatif when a group of ppl join in gossip and negatif behavior, yet even the Pm/boss is not able or interested enough to go against this, maybe even dwell on the bad behavior and use it to keep all the workers ”at place”.

But i am sure it would be so much better for all when the bad apples would be picked out and if needed even complete cut out from work, so being an example for the others.

So power is not for the hard workers, the induviduals, or the real ppl, often it is the hollow sounds, the empty and loud ones who are the boss on the workfloor(hope this is an existing word in english) and when this is the case, dont make them important, dont howl along, dont ignore them, GO AGAINST IT, ask them which purpose they are acheiving, why they need to be negatif and sound so hollow, u will not be famous due to this, but at least u dont show respect and show them u are not willing to be bossed by a empy mind, or life. In the end u will be respected, maybe even by them.

Hey maybe u are one of the ppl who are urged by the need to put ppl down, please change, its better u change now and gain more fun at work, ir will take some time, but it is worth it. In the end u will get more respect by changing and u still are able to be funny, but in a funny way.

Just ask urself if it really feels good, even when u dont know how it feels to be a friendly joker, allthough a bit dirty fun and so on can be ok too, just not take advantage of weakness, or use unrespectfull language/words.

Ofcourse not many ppl who are the negatif critic ones will agnolish this or recognise? themselves inhere, still, know this, u dont get the good or best out of ppl, do u really want that and to all the howlers, ur even weaker then the empty/loud one, because u wont make the effort to go aginst or take? distance from them, if we want to be respected by others, we better be respectfull to others.

And this as last item, ur health is being attacked if u dont try to make the best of it at work, u are 40 hours or more busy a week to become more unhealthy when u have this situation/surcomstances? at work.

I apologize for any bad used english words, i really tried to choose the right ones, but my native language is dutch, so dont blame me to much:) the ?words? are doubtfull words, but i dont know the right one.


Love it is always there, but do u feel it, is it there for u, even so, do u love someone, or earth, because our earth needs a review, we need to heal her from our greedy bad behavior, to be green aware, green thinking in most of what u do, want or buy, that’s love too, love for earth and love for us, mankind, so future is a better world then it is now and will be, when we go on like this.   Offcourse  u cannot do it alone, but u are abel to do a bit, like i said before, if we all make one step, it will become a march and soon we all will make more then one step. i show u a url about someone who already lives without money for at least 15 years, read how she came from hard worker and getting more and more sick in body and mind, to what she is now, remarkable, maybe u want to do the same, maybe u are able to copy some of it and even gain by it for ur life and others, this women is a good example for the way i told u before, swoppinng ur talent, time, products, help and anything u are able to do, make create or produce…warm hugs…marjolein



skating and snow


skating and snow

Amsterdam on the canals with skates

Ice real thick 10 centimeter ice in all canals of AMSTERDAM, OFCOURSE ALL OVER HALF EUROPE, BUT HERE U ARE ABLE TO SEE PICTURES OF PL SKATING, SWAN WALKING ON ICE, BE SURE HE/SHE IS BEING FED AND ALSO SOME OF THE CANALS ARE kept open for the birds, geeze, ducks and many more. Amsterdam is filled with canals and now ppl are able to go on the ice and do their shopping, short travels via the canals, ofcourse more ppl use this ice for pleasure, skating is a national sport, like swimming everybody does it People get a kind of feaverish, when this kind of weather is coming and also we have a traditional tour on ice which is called the eleven-cities-tour, because about 120 sportsmen and about 16000 touriders, which are the amateurs go from city to city via the ice and get stamps on paper, it takes about 5 to 6 hours to end the tour and when it windy and cold many people get frozen bodyparts, most dont, as they already skated this tour before, 200 km long is the skatingtour, this tour comes along when its sure the ice is able to carry all the people and so not evry year, the last one was in 1997, in 1963, when i was a kid of 12 years, my family even drove by car oiver the innersee, about 80 to  100 km on ice, this was the year  of the horrotour according tot all, so many people froze skating and had to be helped and carried away, it was 20 to 25 degrees below zero celcius.  Uptill now it will not happen yet this year either, allthoug everyone has the feaver already and the ice needs just 4 more centimeters to realize it again…… Some even join travel-tours of 120 km all over the lakes and small waterways which is a common landscape in the Netherlands it is a flat country, so no big hills, rivers, lakes and cities, villages, lots of roads and railways, but most of it is water, however more land is still being gained from that water, but still with boat or now on the ice with skates one is able to go almost anywhere. I hope u will enjoy the pictures u see and apologies for my english and the fact the site is dutch, but the pictures will speak for themselves, most of them

Wow read this carefully and take this chance to do something good, mankind is already distroying so much, if u do this, at least u protested and i know many of these actions really succeed, thank u Howling for Justice:)

Howling For Justice

Oregon Walla Walla Pack Pup (ODFW)

Oregon’s wolves are under attack AGAIN. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is going after the state’s 29 wolves, especially the Imnaha’s, who are the natal pack of OR7, they are his family.  Members of the pack have been under constant threat of death over the last several years for a handful of livestock depredations, even though Oregon ranchers  lost nearly 60,000 cattle to non–predation in 2010. By my calculations that averages 140 cattle a day that drop dead from one thing or another or are stolen bycattle rustlers.  And yet ranchers are screaming bloody murder over 20 cows in two years, supposedly killed by wolves??

No rancher is going to go out of business over 20 cow losses. They seem to be able to absorb thousands and thousands of non-predation losses just fine. This is a smokescreen people, they want to…

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Nederland-Holland-the Netherlands from above!!

Dutch tv-document on video’s seen through airplane+camera.If u click this link above, u will been taken away into the sky and have a look all over the Netherlands, landscape, but also waterworks/ways, watermanagement, how the dutch got their land from the water, how they created a connection (big dike) through the water of 12 km and with that closed an inner sea, now a kind of lake.

Canals, bridges, dikes, deltaworks, the dutch pride and knowledge about water is well-known and used all over the world, a ship goes down, like the one near the italian ile just a forthnight ago, dutch ships come pump the dangerous into other ships or canasters and then take it away from there to a safer place or harbor.

But also landmanagement has to be strong, as its a tiny country and lots of ppl live here about 16 million on a 200 by 180 km piece of land, where water still covers 20 % of that small piece.

See how all is organized and sometimes even looks dull, dutch ppl are freeminded, but also a little bit small-minded if it comes to their garden, the fence around it and so on……. it makes me smile, but if u have a neighbour who is being difficult about fence or overhanging trees, pffffft u better move………

I enjoyed every part of this video-document, together they are at least about 4 to 6 hours.

How the daily ritmes and patterns are, when we wake up, how we all use our mobile and go to work, where we go for a walk with the dogs, in certain airea and what we do or go during weekends… its strange but also interesting to see it on this scale from above during day and nite, see the little lakes, the so many waterway creating patchwork and squares where grass, earth and many other farmed vegetabels or flowers change field after field…..

Lots of what the dutch do will show up and even though its dutch spoken and written, the video’s are wonderful and funny.

I hope u enjoy them too, see the dutch being dutch, all somewhat like pirates, commercial masters of waheterver has to do with water, on the water, in water, even wind, like the seapirates use to live on, wind and water and occupying rich ships to steal all thats moveble.

They also are used to live in small houses, if u arent rich enough, packed together and yet feeling free, driving via highways all in the same time, its a small sociaty, there is hardly a 24/7 buisseness, so mostly standing waiting all together for about 1 to 2 hours, in long rows of 10  to 15 km, because they mostly go the same time to work and back again.

The dutch say what they think, nearly everybody is like that, so this is normal behavior, sometimes rude, but mostly to the point and often witty or alert with humor.

To be dutch, one has to be real, at least thats what most ppl want.



Worlds smallest frog

Smallest frog, how tiny!!

This is incredible, its so tiny, i will show u all n copy of the website where i found this, 🙂

A tiny frog recently discovered in the forests of Papua New Guinea has been decreed the smallest of the known 60,000 species of vertebrates (the group that includes mammals, fish, amphibians and birds). The tiny creature is around 7mm long (half the size of a Smartie) and lives well camouflaged among leaf litter – which could explain why it remained unnoticed for so long.

It was its high-pitched call, more like an insect’s than a frog’s, that first attracted the US team’s attention. “The New Guinea forests are incredibly loud at night. We were trying to record frog calls, and we were curious as to what these other sounds were,” said Chris Austin of Louisiana State University, who led the research. “So we triangulated to where these calls were coming from, and looked through the leaf litter.” But in the dark it was almost impossible to see anything – so the researchers simply grabbed a handful of litter and popped it into a clear plastic bag. It was only then that they saw a load of “incredibly tiny frogs hopping about”, Austin told BBC News online.

Source: The Week Photograph: Christopher Austin/LSU/AFP/Getty Images