Nederland-Holland-the Netherlands from above!!

Dutch tv-document on video’s seen through airplane+camera.If u click this link above, u will been taken away into the sky and have a look all over the Netherlands, landscape, but also waterworks/ways, watermanagement, how the dutch got their land from the water, how they created a connection (big dike) through the water of 12 km and with that closed an inner sea, now a kind of lake.

Canals, bridges, dikes, deltaworks, the dutch pride and knowledge about water is well-known and used all over the world, a ship goes down, like the one near the italian ile just a forthnight ago, dutch ships come pump the dangerous into other ships or canasters and then take it away from there to a safer place or harbor.

But also landmanagement has to be strong, as its a tiny country and lots of ppl live here about 16 million on a 200 by 180 km piece of land, where water still covers 20 % of that small piece.

See how all is organized and sometimes even looks dull, dutch ppl are freeminded, but also a little bit small-minded if it comes to their garden, the fence around it and so on……. it makes me smile, but if u have a neighbour who is being difficult about fence or overhanging trees, pffffft u better move………

I enjoyed every part of this video-document, together they are at least about 4 to 6 hours.

How the daily ritmes and patterns are, when we wake up, how we all use our mobile and go to work, where we go for a walk with the dogs, in certain airea and what we do or go during weekends… its strange but also interesting to see it on this scale from above during day and nite, see the little lakes, the so many waterway creating patchwork and squares where grass, earth and many other farmed vegetabels or flowers change field after field…..

Lots of what the dutch do will show up and even though its dutch spoken and written, the video’s are wonderful and funny.

I hope u enjoy them too, see the dutch being dutch, all somewhat like pirates, commercial masters of waheterver has to do with water, on the water, in water, even wind, like the seapirates use to live on, wind and water and occupying rich ships to steal all thats moveble.

They also are used to live in small houses, if u arent rich enough, packed together and yet feeling free, driving via highways all in the same time, its a small sociaty, there is hardly a 24/7 buisseness, so mostly standing waiting all together for about 1 to 2 hours, in long rows of 10  to 15 km, because they mostly go the same time to work and back again.

The dutch say what they think, nearly everybody is like that, so this is normal behavior, sometimes rude, but mostly to the point and often witty or alert with humor.

To be dutch, one has to be real, at least thats what most ppl want.




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