skating and snow

skating and snow

Amsterdam on the canals with skates

Ice real thick 10 centimeter ice in all canals of AMSTERDAM, OFCOURSE ALL OVER HALF EUROPE, BUT HERE U ARE ABLE TO SEE PICTURES OF PL SKATING, SWAN WALKING ON ICE, BE SURE HE/SHE IS BEING FED AND ALSO SOME OF THE CANALS ARE kept open for the birds, geeze, ducks and many more. Amsterdam is filled with canals and now ppl are able to go on the ice and do their shopping, short travels via the canals, ofcourse more ppl use this ice for pleasure, skating is a national sport, like swimming everybody does it People get a kind of feaverish, when this kind of weather is coming and also we have a traditional tour on ice which is called the eleven-cities-tour, because about 120 sportsmen and about 16000 touriders, which are the amateurs go from city to city via the ice and get stamps on paper, it takes about 5 to 6 hours to end the tour and when it windy and cold many people get frozen bodyparts, most dont, as they already skated this tour before, 200 km long is the skatingtour, this tour comes along when its sure the ice is able to carry all the people and so not evry year, the last one was in 1997, in 1963, when i was a kid of 12 years, my family even drove by car oiver the innersee, about 80 to  100 km on ice, this was the year  of the horrotour according tot all, so many people froze skating and had to be helped and carried away, it was 20 to 25 degrees below zero celcius.  Uptill now it will not happen yet this year either, allthoug everyone has the feaver already and the ice needs just 4 more centimeters to realize it again…… Some even join travel-tours of 120 km all over the lakes and small waterways which is a common landscape in the Netherlands it is a flat country, so no big hills, rivers, lakes and cities, villages, lots of roads and railways, but most of it is water, however more land is still being gained from that water, but still with boat or now on the ice with skates one is able to go almost anywhere. I hope u will enjoy the pictures u see and apologies for my english and the fact the site is dutch, but the pictures will speak for themselves, most of them

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