Love it is always there, but do u feel it, is it there for u, even so, do u love someone, or earth, because our earth needs a review, we need to heal her from our greedy bad behavior, to be green aware, green thinking in most of what u do, want or buy, that’s love too, love for earth and love for us, mankind, so future is a better world then it is now and will be, when we go on like this.   Offcourse  u cannot do it alone, but u are abel to do a bit, like i said before, if we all make one step, it will become a march and soon we all will make more then one step. i show u a url about someone who already lives without money for at least 15 years, read how she came from hard worker and getting more and more sick in body and mind, to what she is now, remarkable, maybe u want to do the same, maybe u are able to copy some of it and even gain by it for ur life and others, this women is a good example for the way i told u before, swoppinng ur talent, time, products, help and anything u are able to do, make create or produce…warm hugs…marjolein



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