Laptop, it has been stolen.

Helas my laptop has been stolen, when my youngest son and me were sleeping, someone walked into my house and stole my laptop, he did not take the money or my purse, nor money in my sons room, it was dark and i think the cats were restless, because i remember waking up for a moment and questioning what noise i heard, then i recognized the sound of Gizmo one of the cats, so i went back to sleep, but i guess they made the thief leave the house soon as possible, because he must have seen my son sleeping while the cats were running from his bedroom, i dont know, i keep on thinking what if i would have gone out of bed….. somehow u dont feel save anymore in the whole house and of course we went to a store and bought all kinds of safetytools, for the door and the locks…pft, i wonder how i will regain all the favorite websites, all my contacts in my stam-email, i lost pictures, documents, its awfull.

Well i am online again, because a friend of my youngest son brought me one of his old laptops and its really slow, but i am able to email and do some off what i was used to do…. i will save money and buy another one, which will take longtime…..

Anyway, till then…… i will be less online, this slow loading computer cannot have a lot……heheh.

And today it is womensday please ladies and gents too, celebrate, make it a big day for her and or urself if u are a woman speak up, act and show who is the boss, at least today:) U are the watchtower of humanity, the birthgiver, the caretaker, mother of us all u> WOMAN!!!


2 comments on “Laptop, it has been stolen.

  1. that is a terrible thing that someone got into your house. I am just glad you and your family is alright. I hope you are able to replace the labtop soon. Have you spoken to the police? I am so sorry you’ve lost so much that was on your computer that can’t be replaced like documents and pictures. Please have hope though, that something will make things better again.

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