Every Brasilian, please we need u to act now!!!!


Please ask any Brasil friend to participate in this, it is important for the future of this earth!! READ THIS it is a copy i made from the article u will see if u use the url, but please don’t forget to ask all Brazilians u know to act now!!!!!

Brazil’s powerful farmers’ lobby argues that the changes will promote  sustainable food production. But environmentalists say the new forest code will be a disaster and lead to  further destruction of the Amazon.The bill now goes to President Dilma Rousseff, who may use her veto to remove  some clauses. Wednesday’s 247-184 vote in favour of the new forest code capped a year of  political wrangling. Brazil’s farmers have long pushed for changes, arguing that uncertainty over  the current legislation has undermined investment in the agriculture sector,  which accounts for more than 5% of GDP. Severe environmental restrictions have also forced many smaller farmers off  their land, they argue.

Missed targets?Rural producers would have “more stability and political support,” said  Deputy Paulo Piau, who drew up the Chamber’s version of the bill.

“Production and the environment will only benefit from that. With a confused  law there is no benefit,” he said.

Aerial picture on 29 November 29, 2009 shows a sector of the Amazon forest, in the state of Para, in northern Brazil, illegally deforested Cattle farming, crop production  and logging are the main drivers of illegal clearing of the rainforest

But opponents said the new law was a step back.

“Over the years, we have slowed deforestation and intensified production. Now  we are going to modify all the things that resulted in the decrease of  deforestation by changing the legislation,” said Deputy Sarney Filho.

Greenpeace urged President Rousseff to veto the changes, saying: “It is  unbelievable that the forest code is being eroded weeks before Brazil hosts the  Rio summit (on sustainable development).”

Several former environment ministers had warned that Brazil would miss its  emissions targets if the code were weakened, Greenpeace noted. Deforestation of the Amazon has slowed in recent years, as a result of better  law enforcement, with authorities using satellite images to track clearance. Under the Forest Code, which dates back to 1965, landowners must conserve a  percentage of their terrain forested, ranging from 20% in some regions to 80% in  the Amazon.

This provision remains, but environmentalists say other changes to the code  will erode key protections.

Under the new bill, farmers will be able to cultivate land closer to hilltops  and riverbanks, which are especially vulnerable to erosion if trees are chopped  down. The bill also provides an amnesty from fines for illegally clearing trees  before July 2008, although larger landholders would have to replant most of the  cleared area or preserve the same amount of land elsewhere.

President Rousseff faces a political dilemma, correspondents say, as she  seeks to combine support for economic development, but also uphold environmental  pledges made during her election campaign in 2010

Brazils deforesting-map

Brazils deforesting-map

Here u see the map, it is already bad, but if we cannot help it now, Brasil will keep on disforesting and the whole world will get less air, water and so on, this is major important!!!!


Earthday was a succes in many parts of the world!


So many ppl have been busy plant trees, clean parks, put seeds in the ground, restore waterways, fountains, filter it as well.

I am very pleased this day exists and many ppl do care, i hope that money and the crisis we have in Europe will not make pollution getting worse and no one cares, nobody looks away, already the Government of the Netherlands gave the responsibility of the land/environment/ground to the provinces, so no tax money will be spending anymore to keep nature as it is and even make more nature, actually this is against the will/wants of the european commission, they want a certain amount of the land in a country to be nature/green, no human to enter, which is sure most needed, if all ppl living in Europe want to be able to breathe and relax. I wish earth day was also an awakening for all the hungry, the poor without a roof, because earth is not ours, its everybody’s home and actually it a civil right to have a roof, food and clean water.

Then earth day would really serve a grande purpose, joining human to nature and so earth with each its own rights as needed, will we ever be that smart, to overcome money and power-issues and get to work for us, our health and earths health?…….i am just saying………

But anyway here is a part of the story how it started, i did some research and here is a copy from the day when it all started.

People will throw seeds all over the green spots and we are going to plant lots of seeds here at our farm ~ We have flowers and herbs ready to plant as well: ) everybody should do that, it does make a difference u know:)

The 42-year-old event is riding a new wave of global protest

By Kazi Stastna, CBC News

Posted: Apr 21, 2012 6:03 AM ET

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2012 2:42 PM ET

Children sweep a park in New York City on Earth Day 1970. The first Earth Day saw about 20 million people in cities across the U.S. participate in everything from neighbourhood clean-ups to large protest rallies. Children sweep a park in New York City on Earth Day 1970. The first Earth Day saw about 20 million people in cities across the U.S. participate in everything from neighbourhood clean-ups to large protest rallies. (Hulton Archive/Getty)
The 42nd Earth Day, held April 22, may not be a round milestone anniversary for those celebrating the annual event devoted to raising awareness about environmental issues, but it will come closer than any in recent memory to the spirit of the first Earth Day held across the U.S. in 1970.

That’s because just like their predecessors, organizers of this year’s Earth Day activities took inspiration from the popular protests happening around the world, choosing the slogan “Mobilize the Earth” as the theme for Earth Day 2012.

“This year, there was a lot of political activity worldwide — from the Middle East to the … Occupy movement,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Earth Day Network.


“For 2012, we felt mobilization as a concept was really critical, because it helps people understand that they can actually get going, they actually can get something done.”

Rogers’s group works with thousands of organizations and governments in almost 200 countries to promote and help organize Earth Day activities and to raise environmental awareness year-round. It grew out of the group that organized the first Earth Day and still has one of the movement’s founders, Denis Hayes, on its board of directors.

Anti-war protests inspired 1st Earth Day

Gaylord Nelson made conservation a key focus of his two terms as governor of Wisconsin and continued to champion environmental issues in the U.S. Senate, organizing the first Earth Day in 1970.Gaylord Nelson made conservation a key focus of his two terms as governor of Wisconsin and continued to champion environmental issues in the U.S. Senate, organizing the first Earth Day in 1970. (Alex Wong/Getty )The idea for Earth Day was born in the U.S. at the tail end of the1960s amid the heated student protests opposing the Vietnam War. Founder Gaylord Nelson, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin who earned a reputation as a passionate conservationist during his two terms as governor of the state, was impressed by the passion driving the protest movement. He modelled the first Earth Day on the teach-ins that anti-war activists were holding on college campuses to educate students about America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Nelson, who died in 2005, and his fellow organizers made environmental issues the focus of their “national teach-ins,” and there was plenty to focus on in 1970.

Unchecked industrialization and urban sprawl had made air pollution a concern in many large American cities; the harmful effects of DDT and other pesticides were also on the public consciousness ever since the 1962 publishing of Rachel Carson’s seminal book Silent Spring; and two high-profile incidents in 1969 put industrial pollution and its impact on the environment top of mind.

The two incidents were a blow-out on an Union Oil drilling rig off the coast of Santa Barbara that spilled 11.4 million litres of oil into the ocean, angering Californians who saw the devastating effects on their beaches and marine life, and a fire on the heavily polluted Cuyahoga River in Cleveland that drew attention to the industrial waste that had for years been voided into the waterway.

‘One of the central goals of the event was to tie all of these diverse strands of environmentalism … together with one bow and make them recognize that they’re part of a coherent movement.’ — Denis Hayes, co-founder of Earth Day

Facebook……..Economy-information about USA (and us all) and comments!!!


Owned & Operated is a mosaic of the world through the lens of the internet. Showing our lives as consumers, under the thumbs of privileged individuals and their methods of control. But the world is awakening, and the experience is something outside the normal rules of social interaction, causing excitement in those who are not served by the current system… and fear in those who are pampered by it.

A country of aggressively ignorant fucking cowards. Yes. That’s America. Don’t watch this 2 hour movie. It might cause you pain. Go buy something instead. (but if you do watch it be sure to share it)

Shit. Might have to try and watch this tomorrow, but I know I won’t like it….

“A country of aggressively ignorant fucking cowards. Yes. That’s America.”!Marketed into oblivion,we slam our dope and slurp 40 0z. sodas on our way to Starbucks.The monkey mind just wants.
 Marketed into oblivion,we slam our dope and slurp 40 0z. sodas on our way to Starbucks.The monkey mind just wants
Sad that I actually have to agree with Bruno
I fucking love it!!!!
 Pop culture is our communion
Yer a commie pinko anarchistic hell bent conspiracy theorist, Jeff. ♥
Owned & Operated – Hook line and sinker, and Sunk.
 ‎”Aggressively ignorant.” I love this phrase. Being a writer and one who’s completely given up on this burning blimp of a Republic, I can usually come up with my own phrases but I may just have to steal this one.
Thanks for the link
Ta Jeff
sad actually, because there will be lots of ppl in america who want to be different, or would they have a chance to see it in another way, or get the just information…….
‎”Aggressively ignorant.”? I’ve got a lot of friends family that fully qualify for this title.

this is to funny to not reblog it:)


1. Thou Shalt Not Document Thy Every Move.

“Just got out of bed. Dreamt about being a pufferfish”. [0 Comments].

“Breakfast”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“On bus”. [0 Comments].

“At work. Photocopier broken”. [0 Comments].

“Lunch”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Work update: Photocopier fixed”. [0 Comments].

“On bus again. Old man sitting next to me smells of socks”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Walking from bus to my house”. [0 Comments].

“I wonder what I should have for tea”. [1 Comment: “Cyanide” (32 Likes)].

“Chicken nuggets, chips and peas. Yum yum”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Jam roly-poly for dessert”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Off to bed. Night night homies”. [0 Comments].

2. Thou Shalt Not Use Stupid Apps and then Invite Others to Use Said Apps.

I will throw an actual sheep at the next person who…

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Riffles, guns and wapons free, but not for the freedom, on the conterary………

Remember Oklahoma in 1995? or Ohio, Virginia 16th april where at least 30Image   ppl lost their lifes, its a constitunional right to have a gun and again the winning (winning in again a law for being able to have guns) ones are the yet minorety mostly white, somewhat older ppl, who dont belong anymore, they start to realize this and are loosing their feeling with the USA, they claim its the faullt off the blacks, the gays and immigrants, sounds familiar?, yep all over the world this becomes a problem, but nowhere are ppl allowed to buy giuns/wapons in for instance a yearmarket, like there are in states all over the USA, like Ohio, no background checks, anybody just buys lots of guns, weird….20 years ago the now older white ppl were not the minorety, the rightwinged Texans and any other state in the USA were the best example of having realised the American dream, now they feel slowly being pushed away, due to many other groups which raised their voice, actions and wishes.

In the Netherlands the law is u cannot own a gun or any wapon without a permit and very strickt background checks, one boy shoots some ppl last year in a shopping mole, the police has to defend themselves for the bad background check and the fact they actually knew he never had be permitted to have guns, or being a member of a shootingclub, because thats all one is able to do here with guns. become a memebr and shoot in special places created for these events, no where else. So in the Netherlands it is a real shock like the shoppingmoleshooting, not like the 17.000 murders in USa every year, apart from the mobkillings and the policekillings,

So why do these somewhat older, white ppl claim there rights from owning a gun, to be able to defend themselves against the goverment?, their neighbours, or their feeling to be someone, without a gun u are just a pebble, a chopstick, a fork, without the knife…….

Its even dangerous to proclaim rights according to own guns, some ppl even try to defend the democraty with it, while actually either it has nothing to do with democraty, nor with the socalled dream of America, where freedom is the big header.

Freedom of what? to be gay?, black, jewish, or immigrant, while everybody started as immigrant this is easy forgotten,  freedom is abig word and easy used as ideal…….money is the other header of the socalled dream of America,  but the system of money is dirty, it gives power to the wrong ideas, the wrong ppl and it holds down freedom more then it gives freedom.

Again i am content i live in Europe, not only because of the guns, but also because of the more realistic news, the freedom of getting to know what u want, mind me, 1200 chanals in the USA and no single one says what is actually happening, even CNN, somehow its a tirdworld cojntry with the poverty they have now, ofcourse there are very rich ppl and this is the point what is the American dream, get rich, without empathy for anything else, then u are one of the great, but dont look behind u, dont go far away, u might see the real truth, ppl are without homes, food and so on, who’s fault, their own ofcourse, they lost their jobs.wont be able to buy education for their spous and no healthcare… and then u are lost every way…..thats the American way too. Not much to dream anymore.

And to come back to the wapons, it does not make ppl free, it is no right, its not a defending tule, cause if everybody would be prevented to own a gun, nobody would have to defend themselves with guns……….and the actually dream of America would get one step closer to a real dream….less cruel, less treatening(hope i wrote that right), sorry if my english is not to good, i tried……….:)

I know this will be offending lots of american ppl, but i am aiming towards the ones who want to stay stiff, keep their importance in being free in having it all, no matter what they have to do for it, no matter how.

So why try to keep this law pro guns?… that has to do with the same powerfeeling, the macho, i really hope the USa will not going on in making killing a easy issue, but dont forget the money what has been earned by this wapons, did not Bush has a great commercial interest in wapons, one of the reasons he went into war, exept for the oil deals?

So the fight for the ppl who dont want this free waponlaw anymore is much heavier then we are able to imagine…….

Back again, but not the same……

How irritating when ur social surroundings are cut off due to the fact that ur laptop has been stolen, all together it took me a month to get it back to nearly normal, if u consider my assurance payed out, i ordered a new laptop and it has been delivered exactly a month later then the day the oher one have been stolen.

The losses has been counted, i lost about 1230 pictures, 230 documents, 240 scanned drwawings and paintings, all the contacts of my Stam-email, most urls and favorited websites, it is a disaster, so i will make back ups every few months of all i do on this laptop, but somehow i need to get starting up again, i dont have the same fire i had before, so i also lost the drive……..

Strange what happens the first 2 days/nites. u cannot sleep and think of all the items on/in the computer u lost, pictures, documents, i had to change all my passwords for my websites and facebook, linkedin, care2, google, twitter.

Somehow u feel cut off, i already dont work at the moment as my boss tries to ditch me, i miss my colleges, the work and the ritme of life which belongs to having to go to work for 40 hours a week.

But slowly u start to see through all this, u first feel more lonely,  the same time u know u are not more lonely as before, all what i did was feeling social as i blogged, twittered and was on facebook, does this mean whatever it makes one fee is it real or isn’t it?

So the first day i was able to really get social again i felt uncomfortable and strange, i have seen the other side, i have been really without any social life for a month, since work is out of sight for now, no online-thingies, only my mobile phone on which i have no internet-options and i still dont want that and yes i have been phoning more maybe then ever, because one needs to have some contact, at least i do.

But i discovered lonelyness is more a feeling then a fact, i know if u have friends, a partner, and maybe children lonlyness is a different issue, but when u are like me, living alone, with my youngest son, who lives in his own part off the house, u are alone often, yet not lonely, being alone is somehow beareble if u are able to share ur life like i do with a boyfriend who lives in another part of the country and sometimes we are together, which is maybe strange,, but also ok, we are both 60 and we cannot be together as long as i work/wait what will happen with me and he has to be in his own city for his income too, we both have had a whole/big part of life before meeting eachother and i know we could easy live together and we will when time comes and all the working and income issues will be solved. But the main issue is, u share ur life because u are together even when not always really in the same place.

I had simmelar experience when once i was very ill, i even died for 3 minutes, the yourney to the light was tremendous impressif, i will never be the same (or be afraid of death), it is a reward thats for sure, no earthly word is able to discribe it, anyway it was hard to leave it and go back to my body, i could not help it it just happend and i woke up falling back and feeling pain, allthough it took me 2 days to realise that

But this made me think about funerals, how many ppl would have been coming, how many ppl really will know me when i die next time, when u have no colleges, maybe due to retirement and family is vading, friends are death or are no friends no more, it kept me busy for 2 years till i could put it down and try to just live and let it be, like i did before and actually this is the thing, u are alone, u live with urself, maybe sharing ur life, body and mind, still u are the one who will go from this earth the same way as u came, alone.

Never will i wake up and get out of my bed same way as i did, somehow it gets u, u are aware of the fact ur body is able to let u down, fails u, it feels like ur innoncence is gone, same way it makes u richer, u have been there,  u know its really great and feels like homecoming in the house of love, so now i try to just live with it and move on, maybe somewhat less oppertunistic, but also more aware………

I have been asking all my life as many of u will have done, how is it, to die, how does it look at the other side, or even there is nothing when u die,  not for me, i always knew there must be some higher level, energy, most call heaven, i know it now and this gives me peace, but in the same time it makes me restless as it could happen any minute, u dont live forever and somehow thats what one feels when u have not had this experience………

So being cut off from all my activeties online it felt a bit same, maybe also due to being put aside by my boss, it is like isolation, allthough i have at least 5 girlfriends and sons, a partner and family, it still made me feel very lonely and again i will not be the same anymore, if only the thief could feel this too, what he actually took, the value is priceless of that laptop and he maybe got 150 euro for it…………..

TarotImagecard has been created by me…..its symbolic for life, a fight which u begin as soon as u are born, for some more heavy then for others…..