Riffles, guns and wapons free, but not for the freedom, on the conterary………

Remember Oklahoma in 1995? or Ohio, Virginia 16th april where at least 30Image   ppl lost their lifes, its a constitunional right to have a gun and again the winning (winning in again a law for being able to have guns) ones are the yet minorety mostly white, somewhat older ppl, who dont belong anymore, they start to realize this and are loosing their feeling with the USA, they claim its the faullt off the blacks, the gays and immigrants, sounds familiar?, yep all over the world this becomes a problem, but nowhere are ppl allowed to buy giuns/wapons in for instance a yearmarket, like there are in states all over the USA, like Ohio, no background checks, anybody just buys lots of guns, weird….20 years ago the now older white ppl were not the minorety, the rightwinged Texans and any other state in the USA were the best example of having realised the American dream, now they feel slowly being pushed away, due to many other groups which raised their voice, actions and wishes.

In the Netherlands the law is u cannot own a gun or any wapon without a permit and very strickt background checks, one boy shoots some ppl last year in a shopping mole, the police has to defend themselves for the bad background check and the fact they actually knew he never had be permitted to have guns, or being a member of a shootingclub, because thats all one is able to do here with guns. become a memebr and shoot in special places created for these events, no where else. So in the Netherlands it is a real shock like the shoppingmoleshooting, not like the 17.000 murders in USa every year, apart from the mobkillings and the policekillings,

So why do these somewhat older, white ppl claim there rights from owning a gun, to be able to defend themselves against the goverment?, their neighbours, or their feeling to be someone, without a gun u are just a pebble, a chopstick, a fork, without the knife…….

Its even dangerous to proclaim rights according to own guns, some ppl even try to defend the democraty with it, while actually either it has nothing to do with democraty, nor with the socalled dream of America, where freedom is the big header.

Freedom of what? to be gay?, black, jewish, or immigrant, while everybody started as immigrant this is easy forgotten,  freedom is abig word and easy used as ideal…….money is the other header of the socalled dream of America,  but the system of money is dirty, it gives power to the wrong ideas, the wrong ppl and it holds down freedom more then it gives freedom.

Again i am content i live in Europe, not only because of the guns, but also because of the more realistic news, the freedom of getting to know what u want, mind me, 1200 chanals in the USA and no single one says what is actually happening, even CNN, somehow its a tirdworld cojntry with the poverty they have now, ofcourse there are very rich ppl and this is the point what is the American dream, get rich, without empathy for anything else, then u are one of the great, but dont look behind u, dont go far away, u might see the real truth, ppl are without homes, food and so on, who’s fault, their own ofcourse, they lost their jobs.wont be able to buy education for their spous and no healthcare… and then u are lost every way…..thats the American way too. Not much to dream anymore.

And to come back to the wapons, it does not make ppl free, it is no right, its not a defending tule, cause if everybody would be prevented to own a gun, nobody would have to defend themselves with guns……….and the actually dream of America would get one step closer to a real dream….less cruel, less treatening(hope i wrote that right), sorry if my english is not to good, i tried……….:)

I know this will be offending lots of american ppl, but i am aiming towards the ones who want to stay stiff, keep their importance in being free in having it all, no matter what they have to do for it, no matter how.

So why try to keep this law pro guns?… that has to do with the same powerfeeling, the macho, i really hope the USa will not going on in making killing a easy issue, but dont forget the money what has been earned by this wapons, did not Bush has a great commercial interest in wapons, one of the reasons he went into war, exept for the oil deals?

So the fight for the ppl who dont want this free waponlaw anymore is much heavier then we are able to imagine…….


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