Enjoy this voting game>> its all about Red Cats and Soccer???

Brothers, friends, together.

Hello dear friends, fellowbloggers  i write u to join a voting-game in the netherlands its all about cats and soccer, and anyone who wants to create a winner by voting for my cat, actually i have 2 cats in the game, they both will be able to be selected for the Orange Team, ( which is the coulor of the dutch soccerteam, playing their first game tomorrow), in case of the EK-games in Europe going on at this moment in Poland and the Ukraine,) its fun this animal-event and has been started up by WSPA, THANK U FOR THE VOTE and enjoy all the pictures u will be able to see, many red/orange cats, which will be displayed if u visit this site and after the vote u could come back many time one a day.


2 cats are in the running…..who are my adorable compagnions 10 years and brothers, i am so lucky and happy to be *owned by them, make them famous for one day, the team of 11 orange cats will be announced on 1 july the day off the EK final…..lollllll


Please share this forward and ask ur friends to participate too!1
Thank u very much warm hugs my friends >marjolein/marsk4angel


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