If u want to be more urself maybe u want to try this:

Go and stand before a mirror, look at urself, who is that person, do u like what u see, are u able to see more then only the outside, are u able to reflect and check urself out, are u content with what u do, stand for, are?

If u are honest with urself just now, please try to be honest, it is very important to be able to sort it out, to see, to understand, u are maybe more the one u think people want u to be, or maybe u cannot even be urself as u live with dominant person(s), or in a dominant environment, maybe some colleges are so weak they try to put u down and u suffer now.

Close ur eyes, picture the one u was when u went to school the first day, maybe there u see the real u, or the way u are raised is in the way, just strip all, as if u would be naked of all, especially the bad vibrations, now think of what u could be, or tried to be and forget that too.

So there u are, who are u, do u want to be the one u are, are u content or dissapointed, glad or depressed with what u find? Thats ok. NOW is the moment to be, just be and keep what u think is ok, no more trying to be accepted by everyone, thats impossible, u dont have to be the one who has to take care off ur environment to feel good,, u dont have to make people laugh, u are not the centre or just another person, u are u.

U are the one, who u need to love, cherish and take care for now and ever, the coming time u need to keep reflecting urself, to be more pure urself, without all the trying so hard, the not able to say no, be first one, nor the last one, keep urself up and positive, look at urself as a kid, starting a new event: the rest off ur life.

Arcana Empress (Tarot)