Your soul needs peace.

Your soul need positif vibrations, so  nurturing and replenishing with quiet time for peaceful reflection.

If u take time to look back and see forward then u also need time to be in the moment, silent and empty in ur mind, nothing between ur ears, no thinking, no colours, no sound.

Try to do that once in a while so u will return to ur own self, see what is actually important.

How to spend ur energy, how to silence the voice in ur head, thaughts which make u choosing not for u, but for what may  be, what could be, said, done, left.

It is not easy to empty ur head, but if u really want it and try, u will slowly get there, first steps are made and the rest follows more easy.

Would it not be nice, to feel relieved, less senseless, why always go to work, for only money and desires to fulfill.

How did u feel as a child, like u dont know  it all, not need to judge, not need to see it all, that is a moment for urself.

and if u just take time maybe one or two hours a week, u give urself, ur body and mind some rest to, which results in a balanced life and so peace for ur soul.1898026_10152254616683665_308171169_n