Maybe u want it too, make life as good as possible.

Life on earth

Life on earth.

More proof that money cannot buy everything u don’t need if u  consider the way money makes a lot of pollution, if money would not be that important, maybe much more environmental rules and measures would be respected ….

U need especially brains, compassion, decency, awareness, empathy  humanity, etc.

Actually most of us have these all. So why we eat earth, abuse animals, nature and also humans.

Would it be another rule, a universal rule, or is it just the way we came  to this system of power and money.

And why do many rich people give the only thing they have, money to organizations which try to save, people, animals or nature, feeling guilty, or is it a part of the system.

Africa does not have to be poor, nor do any other people of this world.

It is all in the system, but how does one enjoy money, if it makes the world die bit by bit?

Narrow-minded, looking away, shortsighted? Evil, stupid or cruel, what does it, what pulls the trigger this way we all are in a bad dance of surviving, not to survive but to make it, not  to make the difference, not just living for ourselves huh?, oh ahem, well maybe we need to be selfish to live this life this way, but for me, i think it is time to change……10373635_836513089738370_2411564980228305217_n

Will there ever be somebody who will really point it out clearly, not based on religion, race or looks……

It does not have to be one person, maybe a group, or organization, put the finger on the right dot and tell all of us, who knows a solution to open peoples eyes, make them aware of the connections of what u do and buy, or what u should have done and not buy….. animals abuse, pollution, child-workers, -soldiers, -prostitutes and all the other possibilities on this earth of abuse or misuse…….. somehow we have to do it ourselves, so tell me…………



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