Enjoy this voting game>> its all about Red Cats and Soccer???

Brothers, friends, together.

Hello dear friends, fellowbloggers  i write u to join a voting-game in the netherlands its all about cats and soccer, and anyone who wants to create a winner by voting for my cat, actually i have 2 cats in the game, they both will be able to be selected for the Orange Team, ( which is the coulor of the dutch soccerteam, playing their first game tomorrow), in case of the EK-games in Europe going on at this moment in Poland and the Ukraine,) its fun this animal-event and has been started up by WSPA, THANK U FOR THE VOTE and enjoy all the pictures u will be able to see, many red/orange cats, which will be displayed if u visit this site and after the vote u could come back many time one a day.


2 cats are in the running…..who are my adorable compagnions 10 years and brothers, i am so lucky and happy to be *owned by them, make them famous for one day, the team of 11 orange cats will be announced on 1 july the day off the EK final…..lollllll


Please share this forward and ask ur friends to participate too!1
Thank u very much warm hugs my friends >marjolein/marsk4angel


Back again, but not the same……

How irritating when ur social surroundings are cut off due to the fact that ur laptop has been stolen, all together it took me a month to get it back to nearly normal, if u consider my assurance payed out, i ordered a new laptop and it has been delivered exactly a month later then the day the oher one have been stolen.

The losses has been counted, i lost about 1230 pictures, 230 documents, 240 scanned drwawings and paintings, all the contacts of my Stam-email, most urls and favorited websites, it is a disaster, so i will make back ups every few months of all i do on this laptop, but somehow i need to get starting up again, i dont have the same fire i had before, so i also lost the drive……..

Strange what happens the first 2 days/nites. u cannot sleep and think of all the items on/in the computer u lost, pictures, documents, i had to change all my passwords for my websites and facebook, linkedin, care2, google, twitter.

Somehow u feel cut off, i already dont work at the moment as my boss tries to ditch me, i miss my colleges, the work and the ritme of life which belongs to having to go to work for 40 hours a week.

But slowly u start to see through all this, u first feel more lonely,  the same time u know u are not more lonely as before, all what i did was feeling social as i blogged, twittered and was on facebook, does this mean whatever it makes one fee is it real or isn’t it?

So the first day i was able to really get social again i felt uncomfortable and strange, i have seen the other side, i have been really without any social life for a month, since work is out of sight for now, no online-thingies, only my mobile phone on which i have no internet-options and i still dont want that and yes i have been phoning more maybe then ever, because one needs to have some contact, at least i do.

But i discovered lonelyness is more a feeling then a fact, i know if u have friends, a partner, and maybe children lonlyness is a different issue, but when u are like me, living alone, with my youngest son, who lives in his own part off the house, u are alone often, yet not lonely, being alone is somehow beareble if u are able to share ur life like i do with a boyfriend who lives in another part of the country and sometimes we are together, which is maybe strange,, but also ok, we are both 60 and we cannot be together as long as i work/wait what will happen with me and he has to be in his own city for his income too, we both have had a whole/big part of life before meeting eachother and i know we could easy live together and we will when time comes and all the working and income issues will be solved. But the main issue is, u share ur life because u are together even when not always really in the same place.

I had simmelar experience when once i was very ill, i even died for 3 minutes, the yourney to the light was tremendous impressif, i will never be the same (or be afraid of death), it is a reward thats for sure, no earthly word is able to discribe it, anyway it was hard to leave it and go back to my body, i could not help it it just happend and i woke up falling back and feeling pain, allthough it took me 2 days to realise that

But this made me think about funerals, how many ppl would have been coming, how many ppl really will know me when i die next time, when u have no colleges, maybe due to retirement and family is vading, friends are death or are no friends no more, it kept me busy for 2 years till i could put it down and try to just live and let it be, like i did before and actually this is the thing, u are alone, u live with urself, maybe sharing ur life, body and mind, still u are the one who will go from this earth the same way as u came, alone.

Never will i wake up and get out of my bed same way as i did, somehow it gets u, u are aware of the fact ur body is able to let u down, fails u, it feels like ur innoncence is gone, same way it makes u richer, u have been there,  u know its really great and feels like homecoming in the house of love, so now i try to just live with it and move on, maybe somewhat less oppertunistic, but also more aware………

I have been asking all my life as many of u will have done, how is it, to die, how does it look at the other side, or even there is nothing when u die,  not for me, i always knew there must be some higher level, energy, most call heaven, i know it now and this gives me peace, but in the same time it makes me restless as it could happen any minute, u dont live forever and somehow thats what one feels when u have not had this experience………

So being cut off from all my activeties online it felt a bit same, maybe also due to being put aside by my boss, it is like isolation, allthough i have at least 5 girlfriends and sons, a partner and family, it still made me feel very lonely and again i will not be the same anymore, if only the thief could feel this too, what he actually took, the value is priceless of that laptop and he maybe got 150 euro for it…………..

TarotImagecard has been created by me…..its symbolic for life, a fight which u begin as soon as u are born, for some more heavy then for others…..


Laptop, it has been stolen.

Helas my laptop has been stolen, when my youngest son and me were sleeping, someone walked into my house and stole my laptop, he did not take the money or my purse, nor money in my sons room, it was dark and i think the cats were restless, because i remember waking up for a moment and questioning what noise i heard, then i recognized the sound of Gizmo one of the cats, so i went back to sleep, but i guess they made the thief leave the house soon as possible, because he must have seen my son sleeping while the cats were running from his bedroom, i dont know, i keep on thinking what if i would have gone out of bed….. somehow u dont feel save anymore in the whole house and of course we went to a store and bought all kinds of safetytools, for the door and the locks…pft, i wonder how i will regain all the favorite websites, all my contacts in my stam-email, i lost pictures, documents, its awfull.

Well i am online again, because a friend of my youngest son brought me one of his old laptops and its really slow, but i am able to email and do some off what i was used to do…. i will save money and buy another one, which will take longtime…..

Anyway, till then…… i will be less online, this slow loading computer cannot have a lot……heheh.

And today it is womensday please ladies and gents too, celebrate, make it a big day for her and or urself if u are a woman speak up, act and show who is the boss, at least today:) U are the watchtower of humanity, the birthgiver, the caretaker, mother of us all u> WOMAN!!!

Talking about Facebook | Marjolein Soederhuizen


Quote its a conversation on facebook, interseting, i thaught.

Facebook | Marjolein Soederhuizen
Marjolein Soederhuizen and only by speaking up, u will change it, when will it come trough, maybe another 2 or 3 years and then the whole moneysystem will collapse the way it is now and then we get another chance to make it work, health, roof, food, freedom, eartminded and naturedirected ecological system, where money is only a way, not the only way.