Maybe u want it too, make life as good as possible.

Life on earth

Life on earth.

More proof that money cannot buy everything u don’t need if u  consider the way money makes a lot of pollution, if money would not be that important, maybe much more environmental rules and measures would be respected ….

U need especially brains, compassion, decency, awareness, empathy  humanity, etc.

Actually most of us have these all. So why we eat earth, abuse animals, nature and also humans.

Would it be another rule, a universal rule, or is it just the way we came  to this system of power and money.

And why do many rich people give the only thing they have, money to organizations which try to save, people, animals or nature, feeling guilty, or is it a part of the system.

Africa does not have to be poor, nor do any other people of this world.

It is all in the system, but how does one enjoy money, if it makes the world die bit by bit?

Narrow-minded, looking away, shortsighted? Evil, stupid or cruel, what does it, what pulls the trigger this way we all are in a bad dance of surviving, not to survive but to make it, not  to make the difference, not just living for ourselves huh?, oh ahem, well maybe we need to be selfish to live this life this way, but for me, i think it is time to change……10373635_836513089738370_2411564980228305217_n

Will there ever be somebody who will really point it out clearly, not based on religion, race or looks……

It does not have to be one person, maybe a group, or organization, put the finger on the right dot and tell all of us, who knows a solution to open peoples eyes, make them aware of the connections of what u do and buy, or what u should have done and not buy….. animals abuse, pollution, child-workers, -soldiers, -prostitutes and all the other possibilities on this earth of abuse or misuse…….. somehow we have to do it ourselves, so tell me…………



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1. Thou Shalt Not Document Thy Every Move.

“Just got out of bed. Dreamt about being a pufferfish”. [0 Comments].

“Breakfast”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“On bus”. [0 Comments].

“At work. Photocopier broken”. [0 Comments].

“Lunch”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Work update: Photocopier fixed”. [0 Comments].

“On bus again. Old man sitting next to me smells of socks”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Walking from bus to my house”. [0 Comments].

“I wonder what I should have for tea”. [1 Comment: “Cyanide” (32 Likes)].

“Chicken nuggets, chips and peas. Yum yum”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Jam roly-poly for dessert”. *Includes photo*. [0 Comments].

“Off to bed. Night night homies”. [0 Comments].

2. Thou Shalt Not Use Stupid Apps and then Invite Others to Use Said Apps.

I will throw an actual sheep at the next person who…

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skating and snow

skating and snow

Amsterdam on the canals with skates

Ice real thick 10 centimeter ice in all canals of AMSTERDAM, OFCOURSE ALL OVER HALF EUROPE, BUT HERE U ARE ABLE TO SEE PICTURES OF PL SKATING, SWAN WALKING ON ICE, BE SURE HE/SHE IS BEING FED AND ALSO SOME OF THE CANALS ARE kept open for the birds, geeze, ducks and many more. Amsterdam is filled with canals and now ppl are able to go on the ice and do their shopping, short travels via the canals, ofcourse more ppl use this ice for pleasure, skating is a national sport, like swimming everybody does it People get a kind of feaverish, when this kind of weather is coming and also we have a traditional tour on ice which is called the eleven-cities-tour, because about 120 sportsmen and about 16000 touriders, which are the amateurs go from city to city via the ice and get stamps on paper, it takes about 5 to 6 hours to end the tour and when it windy and cold many people get frozen bodyparts, most dont, as they already skated this tour before, 200 km long is the skatingtour, this tour comes along when its sure the ice is able to carry all the people and so not evry year, the last one was in 1997, in 1963, when i was a kid of 12 years, my family even drove by car oiver the innersee, about 80 to  100 km on ice, this was the year  of the horrotour according tot all, so many people froze skating and had to be helped and carried away, it was 20 to 25 degrees below zero celcius.  Uptill now it will not happen yet this year either, allthoug everyone has the feaver already and the ice needs just 4 more centimeters to realize it again…… Some even join travel-tours of 120 km all over the lakes and small waterways which is a common landscape in the Netherlands it is a flat country, so no big hills, rivers, lakes and cities, villages, lots of roads and railways, but most of it is water, however more land is still being gained from that water, but still with boat or now on the ice with skates one is able to go almost anywhere. I hope u will enjoy the pictures u see and apologies for my english and the fact the site is dutch, but the pictures will speak for themselves, most of them

Wow read this carefully and take this chance to do something good, mankind is already distroying so much, if u do this, at least u protested and i know many of these actions really succeed, thank u Howling for Justice:)

Howling For Justice

Oregon Walla Walla Pack Pup (ODFW)

Oregon’s wolves are under attack AGAIN. The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is going after the state’s 29 wolves, especially the Imnaha’s, who are the natal pack of OR7, they are his family.  Members of the pack have been under constant threat of death over the last several years for a handful of livestock depredations, even though Oregon ranchers  lost nearly 60,000 cattle to non–predation in 2010. By my calculations that averages 140 cattle a day that drop dead from one thing or another or are stolen bycattle rustlers.  And yet ranchers are screaming bloody murder over 20 cows in two years, supposedly killed by wolves??

No rancher is going to go out of business over 20 cow losses. They seem to be able to absorb thousands and thousands of non-predation losses just fine. This is a smokescreen people, they want to…

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18.000.000 bikes for 16.000.000 people the Netherlands

This is actually very peculiar (hope i wrote that ok) because also many cars drive around here in Holland, but most ppl own a bike and even some have more bikes, a terrainbike, a racebike and so on, its one of the transports we use the most, more even, if u live in a town like Utrecht, Amsterdam or any city with more than 120.000 inhabitants its better to go by bike, as a car takes longer to go to ur destination, a bike is  much cheaper and much more healthier, ppl get much older here in Holland, i am 60 and have no car except for a camper which we don’t use in Amsterdam where i live, so i will use my bike till its impossible, due to fear of traffic, or body inconvenience?, which will happen once but not for long time when i keep on biking almost every day.

If u look near the universities, train stations its ridiculous the number of bikes standing there, tourists are baffled when they walk along them and can not imagine the amount of bikes they see.

Offcourse the biker is free, or rather said if u drive a car in for instance Amsterdam, be aware the biker takes it all, ur space on the road, always they go first and many ppl even don’t stop for the red light, which is not allowed, but hey, if possible u go, because otherwise u lose time, energy and sometimes even its less dangerous, but i would never advise anybody to do it, unless u are a biker in a big town and know what u do and always be aware u could been seen by the police and then a ticket/fine? to pay.

When u are about 2 years the biking starts, some with a tricycle?, some at once with a tiny bike, generations learning makes it easy for a child to learn, also parents are very carefull in learning their kids how to ride a bike, so not many accidents due to learning happen.

Well i could go on for hours writing about bikes, how ppl pimp their bike, why ppl nurse their bike like a child, or even use it as trainer for their health all day, but the only thing i would add is, when u bike u are aware, smart and more healthy, normally one goes about 30 km an hour, but when u are young u easy go up to 35 or 40 km an hour.

At least i want to say, sorry for the english, i tried my best, the ? behind words mean: i don’t know if it is right written or the right word……:) Marjolein


Pimped bike, many ppl do that, with paint, plastic or like this.

Occupy your wallet

Since4 i was 16, i am now 60, i tried to fight the big money, the way it has power on us all and it pollutes the world, keep on fighting, occupy is real good movement all over the world to show the moneymakers/bigspenders it has to change, if we wont change it, earthly power will and then most of us will not be here anymore, nothing to sell or that what u want? NO, SO GO FOR IT.

frothquaffer's blog

A lot happened in 2011. People around the world were affected to a greater or lesser degree by what occurred. i was struck by an, at times, overwhelming sense that i could not do anything to affect change or to help those working for change either here in Sohar, Oman or in the streets of the cities and towns around the world where people are trying to make a difference. In the end, i decided i could, in my small way, bear witness to what was happening and work towards small positive changes that i think i can impact. i would ask that you consider joining me in my New Year’s resolution.

Every year, Jamie Mackinnon, a friend from my Cuso Nigeria days sends out a “Noel News” missive. This year he opined,

“Historical analysis seems to show that, over the millennia (beginning with the rise of the state) and…

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Evolution Rap – Surviving Urban Life

Thank u for this, making aware, providing knowledge is the best to change the world and even get ppl the right choice.

Science rEvolution

Evolution – love it or hate it.But whether you believe Darwin or can’t stand him, one thing is sure. Survival odds are not the same for all of us humans. Not even close.

How long a person lives depends on health. Survival is tied to environment too. Not just the air, water, ground and food – but the apartments, streets and cities. What “healthcare” means changes based on some things. Where you live is a big one.

First, let’s get the jargon “healthcare disparities” out of the way. It’s inequality. It’s about some of us being sicker. And some of us dying younger. It’s unfair. Even if you don’t have a chronic disease, chances are someone you love probably does. Even if the jagged edges of way-too-expensive healthcare haven’t cut you yet, they have certainly brushed someone you know.

Rapper Baba Brinkman breaks it down in this video at TEDx.

The IOM (Institute of Medicine) has…

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