Within you.

Heal urself. Feel and recognize it.

WHAT U believe> so ur intentions are positive about what u do, u are able of anything, thats why men go to war, women play evil, (fanaticism and extremism will have a free way), they think doing good, they believe they are harmonious with it..or even will do good, make the world, their country, religion better History proofs that many times, in kingdoms and republics, being adult u cannot look as deep as when u are a child, because they do that natural. so as adult u need to see, that what u do needs an awareness, needs u to be fully there and not to much influenced by others, rules, or any role which is put upon u in society.
U really are all fundamental spirits, u need know it all every time, but u will always have the ability to recognize, and know why u do, want or act as u do.
If u are able to be this way, u will be so more balanced and see that u just live ur own life, that all what u believe in will happen.



If u want to be more urself maybe u want to try this:

Go and stand before a mirror, look at urself, who is that person, do u like what u see, are u able to see more then only the outside, are u able to reflect and check urself out, are u content with what u do, stand for, are?

If u are honest with urself just now, please try to be honest, it is very important to be able to sort it out, to see, to understand, u are maybe more the one u think people want u to be, or maybe u cannot even be urself as u live with dominant person(s), or in a dominant environment, maybe some colleges are so weak they try to put u down and u suffer now.

Close ur eyes, picture the one u was when u went to school the first day, maybe there u see the real u, or the way u are raised is in the way, just strip all, as if u would be naked of all, especially the bad vibrations, now think of what u could be, or tried to be and forget that too.

So there u are, who are u, do u want to be the one u are, are u content or dissapointed, glad or depressed with what u find? Thats ok. NOW is the moment to be, just be and keep what u think is ok, no more trying to be accepted by everyone, thats impossible, u dont have to be the one who has to take care off ur environment to feel good,, u dont have to make people laugh, u are not the centre or just another person, u are u.

U are the one, who u need to love, cherish and take care for now and ever, the coming time u need to keep reflecting urself, to be more pure urself, without all the trying so hard, the not able to say no, be first one, nor the last one, keep urself up and positive, look at urself as a kid, starting a new event: the rest off ur life.

Arcana Empress (Tarot)



Queen will go, King will come on the 30th of april 2013

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands has announced she is abdicating in favour of her son, Prince Willem-Alexander. In a pre-recorded address broadcast on TV, she said she would formally stand down on 30 April.The queen, who is approaching her 75th birthday, said she had been thinking about this moment for several years and that now was “the moment to lay down my crown”. Queen Beatrix has been head of state since 1980, when her mother abdicated.In the short televised statement, the queen said it was time for the throne to be held by “a new generation”, adding that her son was ready to be king.Prince Willem-Alexander, 45, is married to Maxima Zorreguieta, a former investment banker from Argentina, and has three young children. He is a trained pilot and an expert in water management.So its nearly 125 years ago we, the dutch were ruled by a king, well ruled, its more a role which has to be performed and he married like most of the royal european kings or queens did a common girl, the only real royal marriages were 2 in the whole off eu9813072rope, so there goes the blue  blood story, somehow it feels strange, but on the other hand, if u look very close u see there has been mix ins before due to royals who were not able to deliver a child from themselves, wellknown or secretly, it doesn not matter, because we all know, its just another way of living agnolishing a royal , their power is reduced to being a monarch presenting their country, of course for lots of money, but most are already rich, the only thing is, should common citizens pay with their taxes for a role playing act/issue/item, while they already earn and have enough money?

I really have no answer, it would be nice if nobody would be poor in those countries where the royals live their special rich and able to get all lives…….But back to the next ruler,  he will become the Netherlands’ first king since Willem III, who died in 1890.Bea trix is always been a good Queen, she is one of the most popular ruling monarchs in Europe. Prince Willem-Alexander’s wife, Maxima, is arguably the most attention-generating member of the Dutch royal family. She is expected to be given the unofficial title Queen Maxima, somehow i think thats odd, prince Claus was not given the King title and now it will happen for a woman?

The queen will hand over to her son on Queen’s Day on 30 April – already one of the biggest celebrations on the Dutch calendar, seemly this day will be shuffled to another day approximately  to the 27th of april in the next year, this year queensday will be still on the 30th i guess, Queensday colors all the dutch, they party wear orange clothes, are able to drink and sell anything they want in the streets anywhere in Holland.

Beatrix is the sixth monarch from the House of Orange-Nassau, which has ruled the Netherlands since the early 19th Century. Under Dutch law, the monarch has few powers and the role is considered ceremonial, like i already explained, but still its a dream for many people to be a princess or queen. In recent decades it has become the tradition for the monarch to abdicate, Queen Beatrix’s mother Juliana resigned the throne in 1980 on her 70th birthday, and her grandmother Wilhelmina abdicated in 1948 at the age of 68.

Somehow i did not expect this this year, but given the fact that she is not entitled anymore to be involved in politics as of last year, i have the feeling it was the last blow for her, however most kings and queens in Europe already were unable to be involved, also the loss of many members of the family the last 10 years, her sons Friso who is still  comatuous  must have been very heavy for her.

Dear Beatrix, relax, enjoy ur freedom and be the grandmother for ur own grandchildren, u were a good Queen, a bit old-fashioned, somehow, but also a rock, a loyal and compassionate queen. THANK U FOR BEING HERE FOR US 33 YEARS