Our body

What if u are a fat person, u feel more how u live in a body, u have a more difficult life, even without the jugements of others.
I call it heavy, to always be the minor part because u are not same as others, u seemely eat to much and u cannot slim down.
That is a problem, for the first 40 years of ur life u are unsecure due to acceptation of others and therefore urself.
But it actually is a good thing too, u go through all these prejudgements of peoeple, while others trust their opinion to live like it is normal to be, while everybody somehow is insecure too, for u it is obvious, life is not just normal.
Whats normal anyway, who wants to be normal?, a lot of people want that, but the thing is, they want u to be normal as well.
Aint it strange, we are all same skin, blood, walking, eating, sleeping, bound by the same rules, name it and we do the same, so many people on this earth, such a few of them are ur surroundings and still u believe to much in what they bring back to u, well ment or negatif ment, u need to be enough sure to take it in and make it just a issue which would and could be an adition thaught for u, no more, no less, which is important, because we try to improve ourselves and so need some feed back. But the peace, peace of mind u are looking for is inside u, not outside.
Always stay away of feelings of depression, u tell urself what u feel, how to see and what u hear, so now tell urself it may seem important others judge u, but it is not, u should know that.
So be free and free urself of this awfull way of life many people are a victim of their own judgement, but even more of others.
If u think it over u see it is a painfull way to live and why should u, one thing u should really learn, dont judge others, dont accept their negatif judgement about u.
It is all between ur own ears, get aware of this fact and u will be so much more in balans.



Moralety or Ethics, Fun and Sarcasm, the difference is not clear for all.

I cannot face it to go to work.

I cannot face it to go to work.

First i have to say, this is not personal, at my work mostly its ok, allthough some ppl should read this, but most of my colleges are a pack of good guys/girls:)

If something is funny cannot be judged, unless what has being said is harmfull, verbal violence and or sarcasm, cynism, which is actually a lack of compassion/empathy(hope this is rightly spelled).

Why are ppl, like so many at work busy with making themselves grow on pushing others down, if they are loud, many colleges laugh to weak to go against it.

I never understood the sarcastic and cynic ones dont seem to see or understand aend they are not popular but merely leader of the bad pack, while most of the pack are only to weak to take? distance of this negatif behavior.

So my conclusion is, the loud ones sound hollow, the pack is to weak and the others are the real ppl, the real colleges and hopefully able to keep the balans to positif vibes at work.

Why need ppl to hear themselves, why dont they put this energy in becoming a better person, are they blind, dont they know what a better person is, i doubt that, maybe raising is one of the  influences, or and meeting someone who likes to make jokes by using a weak point of someone else and then get used to this and start to do it too, which is even/proberly the only choice if u want to stay with that partner.

The question stays, why are we not able to make this person become an ile and so make him/her behave different to gain respect and companion, at work often the atmosphere is horrible negatif when a group of ppl join in gossip and negatif behavior, yet even the Pm/boss is not able or interested enough to go against this, maybe even dwell on the bad behavior and use it to keep all the workers ”at place”.

But i am sure it would be so much better for all when the bad apples would be picked out and if needed even complete cut out from work, so being an example for the others.

So power is not for the hard workers, the induviduals, or the real ppl, often it is the hollow sounds, the empty and loud ones who are the boss on the workfloor(hope this is an existing word in english) and when this is the case, dont make them important, dont howl along, dont ignore them, GO AGAINST IT, ask them which purpose they are acheiving, why they need to be negatif and sound so hollow, u will not be famous due to this, but at least u dont show respect and show them u are not willing to be bossed by a empy mind, or life. In the end u will be respected, maybe even by them.

Hey maybe u are one of the ppl who are urged by the need to put ppl down, please change, its better u change now and gain more fun at work, ir will take some time, but it is worth it. In the end u will get more respect by changing and u still are able to be funny, but in a funny way.

Just ask urself if it really feels good, even when u dont know how it feels to be a friendly joker, allthough a bit dirty fun and so on can be ok too, just not take advantage of weakness, or use unrespectfull language/words.

Ofcourse not many ppl who are the negatif critic ones will agnolish this or recognise? themselves inhere, still, know this, u dont get the good or best out of ppl, do u really want that and to all the howlers, ur even weaker then the empty/loud one, because u wont make the effort to go aginst or take? distance from them, if we want to be respected by others, we better be respectfull to others.

And this as last item, ur health is being attacked if u dont try to make the best of it at work, u are 40 hours or more busy a week to become more unhealthy when u have this situation/surcomstances? at work.

I apologize for any bad used english words, i really tried to choose the right ones, but my native language is dutch, so dont blame me to much:) the ?words? are doubtfull words, but i dont know the right one.