Maybe u want it too, make life as good as possible.

Life on earth

Life on earth.

More proof that money cannot buy everything u don’t need if u  consider the way money makes a lot of pollution, if money would not be that important, maybe much more environmental rules and measures would be respected ….

U need especially brains, compassion, decency, awareness, empathy  humanity, etc.

Actually most of us have these all. So why we eat earth, abuse animals, nature and also humans.

Would it be another rule, a universal rule, or is it just the way we came  to this system of power and money.

And why do many rich people give the only thing they have, money to organizations which try to save, people, animals or nature, feeling guilty, or is it a part of the system.

Africa does not have to be poor, nor do any other people of this world.

It is all in the system, but how does one enjoy money, if it makes the world die bit by bit?

Narrow-minded, looking away, shortsighted? Evil, stupid or cruel, what does it, what pulls the trigger this way we all are in a bad dance of surviving, not to survive but to make it, not  to make the difference, not just living for ourselves huh?, oh ahem, well maybe we need to be selfish to live this life this way, but for me, i think it is time to change……10373635_836513089738370_2411564980228305217_n

Will there ever be somebody who will really point it out clearly, not based on religion, race or looks……

It does not have to be one person, maybe a group, or organization, put the finger on the right dot and tell all of us, who knows a solution to open peoples eyes, make them aware of the connections of what u do and buy, or what u should have done and not buy….. animals abuse, pollution, child-workers, -soldiers, -prostitutes and all the other possibilities on this earth of abuse or misuse…….. somehow we have to do it ourselves, so tell me…………



Earthday was a succes in many parts of the world!


So many ppl have been busy plant trees, clean parks, put seeds in the ground, restore waterways, fountains, filter it as well.

I am very pleased this day exists and many ppl do care, i hope that money and the crisis we have in Europe will not make pollution getting worse and no one cares, nobody looks away, already the Government of the Netherlands gave the responsibility of the land/environment/ground to the provinces, so no tax money will be spending anymore to keep nature as it is and even make more nature, actually this is against the will/wants of the european commission, they want a certain amount of the land in a country to be nature/green, no human to enter, which is sure most needed, if all ppl living in Europe want to be able to breathe and relax. I wish earth day was also an awakening for all the hungry, the poor without a roof, because earth is not ours, its everybody’s home and actually it a civil right to have a roof, food and clean water.

Then earth day would really serve a grande purpose, joining human to nature and so earth with each its own rights as needed, will we ever be that smart, to overcome money and power-issues and get to work for us, our health and earths health?…….i am just saying………

But anyway here is a part of the story how it started, i did some research and here is a copy from the day when it all started.

People will throw seeds all over the green spots and we are going to plant lots of seeds here at our farm ~ We have flowers and herbs ready to plant as well: ) everybody should do that, it does make a difference u know:)

The 42-year-old event is riding a new wave of global protest

By Kazi Stastna, CBC News

Posted: Apr 21, 2012 6:03 AM ET

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2012 2:42 PM ET

Children sweep a park in New York City on Earth Day 1970. The first Earth Day saw about 20 million people in cities across the U.S. participate in everything from neighbourhood clean-ups to large protest rallies. Children sweep a park in New York City on Earth Day 1970. The first Earth Day saw about 20 million people in cities across the U.S. participate in everything from neighbourhood clean-ups to large protest rallies. (Hulton Archive/Getty)
The 42nd Earth Day, held April 22, may not be a round milestone anniversary for those celebrating the annual event devoted to raising awareness about environmental issues, but it will come closer than any in recent memory to the spirit of the first Earth Day held across the U.S. in 1970.

That’s because just like their predecessors, organizers of this year’s Earth Day activities took inspiration from the popular protests happening around the world, choosing the slogan “Mobilize the Earth” as the theme for Earth Day 2012.

“This year, there was a lot of political activity worldwide — from the Middle East to the … Occupy movement,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Earth Day Network.


“For 2012, we felt mobilization as a concept was really critical, because it helps people understand that they can actually get going, they actually can get something done.”

Rogers’s group works with thousands of organizations and governments in almost 200 countries to promote and help organize Earth Day activities and to raise environmental awareness year-round. It grew out of the group that organized the first Earth Day and still has one of the movement’s founders, Denis Hayes, on its board of directors.

Anti-war protests inspired 1st Earth Day

Gaylord Nelson made conservation a key focus of his two terms as governor of Wisconsin and continued to champion environmental issues in the U.S. Senate, organizing the first Earth Day in 1970.Gaylord Nelson made conservation a key focus of his two terms as governor of Wisconsin and continued to champion environmental issues in the U.S. Senate, organizing the first Earth Day in 1970. (Alex Wong/Getty )The idea for Earth Day was born in the U.S. at the tail end of the1960s amid the heated student protests opposing the Vietnam War. Founder Gaylord Nelson, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin who earned a reputation as a passionate conservationist during his two terms as governor of the state, was impressed by the passion driving the protest movement. He modelled the first Earth Day on the teach-ins that anti-war activists were holding on college campuses to educate students about America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

Nelson, who died in 2005, and his fellow organizers made environmental issues the focus of their “national teach-ins,” and there was plenty to focus on in 1970.

Unchecked industrialization and urban sprawl had made air pollution a concern in many large American cities; the harmful effects of DDT and other pesticides were also on the public consciousness ever since the 1962 publishing of Rachel Carson’s seminal book Silent Spring; and two high-profile incidents in 1969 put industrial pollution and its impact on the environment top of mind.

The two incidents were a blow-out on an Union Oil drilling rig off the coast of Santa Barbara that spilled 11.4 million litres of oil into the ocean, angering Californians who saw the devastating effects on their beaches and marine life, and a fire on the heavily polluted Cuyahoga River in Cleveland that drew attention to the industrial waste that had for years been voided into the waterway.

‘One of the central goals of the event was to tie all of these diverse strands of environmentalism … together with one bow and make them recognize that they’re part of a coherent movement.’ — Denis Hayes, co-founder of Earth Day

Life as it is………………

Life…….not asked for it, even been death once and came back, never asked for that too, somehow i am depressed, humans are not really to be proud about, nature is vanishing and earth is severe ill, we did that, but also nature itself, whats the purpose of it all.

When i wake up, i dont want to get out of bed, but i dont want to go to bed either.

Most of the time i feel ok, but not really good, since december last year i feel better, my fire came back, i live more from day-to-day, its a bless. I am  fighter, i care for many things, issues, items, could not be another way and even dont want it too.So my life is heavy at times, but very ok.

I remember the first time i ever traveled something happens with me, i felt great, exited, so i am a nomad, a gypsy because whenever i travel the first thing i do is searching for a place to sleep, somewhere in the streets, under a bridge, behind a door in an empty building, anywhere, not that i need that, we have a camper and before always a sleeping place, so it is something 0ut of my last life.

I still feel the incredible feeling i had when we were asleep somewhere in Charleroi the south of Belgium, we found this place in deep dark nite, because no one would give us a hitch? more southwards, as we were on our way to Morocco, so we had to stay and sleep and try it again the next day.

We entered the empty building, walked through it and rolled out our sleeping bags, when we woke up we were next to an hole of about 4 to 4 meters and even more deep, there were more square holes in that floor and it seemed we were so lucky to have chosen the right spot, one meter to the west, north south or east and we would have fallen in the holes, it was an empty milkfactory…….but the feeling, that was wonderful, like u have been led by angels, god personally took care of us, thats how it felt, tremendous happy, i never felt that again, except for the 2 sons i gave birth.

So why feel so depressed most of the time, i cannot look away, i cannot ignore, i cannot live knowing we humans kill, torture, suppress others, animals, nature.

Its always been like that, the issue is, how is one able to live with this all, the knowing, why is one day positive and the other not, one thing i know for sure, i am glad, i am not one of those ppl who dont see it, who ignore, who look the other way…….

Soo maybe thats the turning point for me at this moment, its strange though and does not feel like a complete fulfillment, i dont have to be happy, but more content, thats all.

I know most is between ur ears, how u feel, look at things or go about, getting older is getting wiser, at least it is for me, that makes me more content, somehow maybe it will be possible, to be less down and more positif, dont u think too?

My english is not good, the words with? behind them are doubtfull, i hope u will find the meaning, so u understand it anyway.:)

Bees, wasps and pesticide amongst other chemicals, all about it!!

Check this out, maybe this knowledge will make u aware of the serious situation and demand food and drinks without pesticde, i am very concerned about the bees, the results at this monet and in ten years, if this goes on, flowers or most vegetables will not be avaible anymore, everybody will be able to act and so do something accotrding to this killing through the use of pesticde, also u are able to check out if ur country did dign up, for registration about their use of chemicals in nature!share this please!