Within you.

Heal urself. Feel and recognize it.

WHAT U believe> so ur intentions are positive about what u do, u are able of anything, thats why men go to war, women play evil, (fanaticism and extremism will have a free way), they think doing good, they believe they are harmonious with it..or even will do good, make the world, their country, religion better History proofs that many times, in kingdoms and republics, being adult u cannot look as deep as when u are a child, because they do that natural. so as adult u need to see, that what u do needs an awareness, needs u to be fully there and not to much influenced by others, rules, or any role which is put upon u in society.
U really are all fundamental spirits, u need know it all every time, but u will always have the ability to recognize, and know why u do, want or act as u do.
If u are able to be this way, u will be so more balanced and see that u just live ur own life, that all what u believe in will happen.


War and all the facts, see this WORLD WIDE HIPPIES article.

WOW, THESE ARE WISE WORDS, all my friends from the USA, please read and see, this might help to go for a real goal instead of war/defense…., no hunger, everbody a roof and clean water, food, actually a part of rthe original HUMAN RIGHTS proclaim…….:)>>